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This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Romhacking.net. Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.

"A girl who specializes in beast magic. She loves playing with animals."

Olive Tearclown, known in Japan as Olive Tearcrown,[a] is a party member in Magical Vacation. She attends Will-o'-Wisp Academy and is a user of beast magic, though she is also adept in telepathy.

Party member[edit | edit source]

Olive is the fourteenth classmate to be recruited by the party, joining in Toptoh Mines. Her initial levels are level 38 and magic level 16.

Her element is beast, represented by the spirit Furry. Its spells offer a variety of effects, such as striking single targets and boosting allies' power. For stats, Olive is balanced with a preference for power, but lacks in defense.[1]

Level 1 stats[edit | edit source]

Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png Magical Vacation - HP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MPP Symbol.png MP% Magical Vacation - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Vacation - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Vacation - Spirit Stat Symbol.png Spr Magical Vacation - Agility Symbol.png Agi
2 19 26 9% 8 6 9 8

Level 38 stats[edit | edit source]

Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png Magical Vacation - HP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MPP Symbol.png MP% Magical Vacation - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Vacation - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Vacation - Spirit Stat Symbol.png Spr Magical Vacation - Agility Symbol.png Agi
16 112 160 9% 25 18 25 24

Max stats[edit | edit source]

These totals may vary based on stat allocation bias.

Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png Magical Vacation - HP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MPP Symbol.png MP% Magical Vacation - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Vacation - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Vacation - Spirit Stat Symbol.png Spr Magical Vacation - Agility Symbol.png Agi
99 3007 4003 9% 506 178 345 344

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Spells Skills
Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 1 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 2 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 5 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 8 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 11 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 14 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 18 Skill Icon - MV.png Kick
Guard Icon - MV.png Guard
Flee Icon - MV.png Flee
Furry Symbol.png Call Furry Furry Symbol.png Hawk power Furry Symbol.png Rhino power Furry Symbol.png Clear Rainy Furry Symbol.png Lion power Furry Symbol.png Double Furry Furry Symbol.png Powers united

Special power[edit | edit source]

Olive's special power prevents battles from occurring when walking near or interacting with gummy worm holes.[1]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Olive is a shy, gentle girl who likes taking care of and talking to animals. Despite being soft-spoken around most people, she thinks of Ganache Nighthawk as a brother, and her mind-reading powers allow her to understand him better than the other students.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Olive has curly basil green hair topped with an orange turban. Her eyes are also a shade of green, and she often has a look of worry on her face. For clothes, she wears a mint-colored overshirt shaped like a tulip with detached sleeves and yellow pom-poms. Under the overshirt is a baggy orange onesie, which has crosses stitched in the middle and columns of yellow pockets. She also wears a big pair of grey shoes.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Since childhood, Olive could use her telepathic powers to look beyond the words of people and see into their hearts. She did not consider her gift to be anything special, so she continued to casually look into the true feelings of passersby. However, Olive's unconcerned use of her powers lead her to the heart of a mysterious man in her town; it was no man at all, nor did it have a heart, and its mind was plagued with things that a human could never comprehend. Olive rarely left her home after learning that such horrors lived among normal people, until one night, she saw a white-bearded gentleman in her dream. He said, "Come and learn magic at my school. I will pay you a visit tomorrow. If you learn magic and become stronger, you can conquer your fear of the darkness..." When Olive woke up the next day, the legendary sorcerer Biscotti was at her doorstep.

Magical Vacation[edit | edit source]

Olive convincing Ganache to come to Valencia Beach.

Before the students of Will-o'-Wisp departed for Valencia Beach, Olive waited in the academy's Music Room with Cider, Cassis and Arancia, who shared their thoughts about the alleged Seaside School disappearances. Olive started to get anxious as the debate continued, and was ignored when the case of Vanilla Nighthawk was brought up. After the protagonist rounded everybody up and boarded the magic bus, Miss Madeleine noticed the absence of Ganache. Olive volunteered to find him as she knew where he was, but got interrupted when Candy announced that she wanted to go too. Madeleine said only one person needed to leave, so Olive raced off while Candy stayed behind, frustrated. Olive spotted Ganache playing his harmonica by a riverbed off-campus. Ganache heard the voice of a girl nearby, which he initially believed to be his sister, Vanilla, but instead saw Olive upon opening his eyes. Olive knew Ganache was dwelling over the disappearance of Vanilla, and begged him to join the students at Valencia Beach, hoping they could work together to learn more about what happened to her three years ago. Ganache remained unconvinced, though his mind quickly changed when Olive had a premonition of everybody mysteriously vanishing at the beach.

Outside the pirates' cave.

While at the shore, Olive and Ganache stuck together, spending the evening at a distance from the other students. Sesame and the protagonist formed a small adventure group once the class was on free time, which lead them to a mysterious cave at the beach's edge, but to their surprise, Olive and Ganache made it there first. Olive questioned her friend about what lurked within, but Ganache could only sense endless darkness. They returned to the campfire once Sesame told them to leave, and the adventure group explored the abandoned pirates' cave.

As dusk fell, the sixteen students were suddenly attacked by a swarm of monsters called enigmas, who warped them off of the beach one by one. Olive, having sensed the impending attack, was sent off too, ending up with a handful of her classmates in another plane of existence called the Light Realm. She spent the next few days in the mountain ranges of Rekcarc Quarry with Cabernet, Cider, and Candy. Ganache joined them later on after previously accompanying the protagonist's party through the Wetsomus Ruins. The former group nearly reunited with the protagonist, who had rescued even more of their classmates, but their reunion was cut short when an enigma warped them away to the Dark Realm, an order issued by Equillekrew.

Later on, Latte was upgraded with a magic power generator by Grenadine, which he used to send the magic bus back to the academy against Biscotti's wishes. To save the students in the Dark Realm, Latte and the protagonist used the academy's summoning machine to reverse-summon themselves into the Dark Realm, taking notice of Ganache and the others upon warping out of the Material Realm. In an act of self-defense, Ganache had killed the enigma that took everyone to the Dark Realm, and he proceeded to lead the way to the canin town, Masala Chai Village. By the time the protagonist's group arrived at Masala Chai, Ganache, Olive, Candy, and Cabernet had already sailed south to Tapioca Tea Village. They nearly crossed paths again when Ganache's quartet was spotted conversing on the path to Enigma Forest, wherein Cabernet contemplated the true cause of his brother, Chardonnay's, death. Despite it being classified information, he started putting loose pieces together and believed that Chardonnay was killed by an enigma, then declared his willingness to kill them all in revenge. Olive, however, grew worried and asked Cabernet to stop, telling him that the number of enigmas would never decline. Amidst their bickering, Ganache recalled how enigmas were able to freely move between realms, so he suggested they find one so they could return to the Material Realm.

While venturing through the Eastern Forest, Candy stopped and asked Olive to speak in private, which she reluctantly agreed to. In private, Candy asked Olive what Ganache's motives were, and accused her of being able to read minds after consulting Cabernet. Olive attempted to mitigate her classmate's anger by saying her telepathy was weak, but Candy still demanded to know where Ganache planned on going, since he had revealed very little about his goals. Caving in from Candy's rage, Olive explained what she saw in Ganache's heart and revealed his desire to save Vanilla, who seemed to be held in a heavily guarded castle. Candy scoffed at the impossibility of Ganache's plan, until Olive said that if he were to fuse with an enigma, he could kill the guards and release Vanilla from captivity. Candy then voiced her hatred for Olive, feeling as though nothing could be kept secret around her. Just as Olive voiced how scared she was of her own powers, the duo heard a roar in the distance. Ganache and Cabernet, who had taken down Badaboom in the girls' absence, heard Candy shriek and immediately ran in to help.

The party, Madeleine, Ganache, and Cabernet found the two girls lying unconscious on the ground, thankful that they were still alive, but could not seem to find what had attacked them. Madeleine noticed Candy's eyes were red with anger, sensing that her heart had been sealed shut. Before Olive could question if she was the one responsible, Chocolat cried for help in the distance, so Ganache's group and Madeleine left to save him. They ventured north to see Ganache and Cabernet talking to a local pyrite from Abos Village. It explained to them why Chocolat was taken by Quattro Formaggi, who was actually a Dab Hasnel enigma fused in a dwarf's body. Miss Madeleine joined their conversation, then wondered why Candy and Olive were not with them. Fearing for the worst, Ganache darted off to where he last saw the two girls, and Cabernet followed.

The party chased Quattro Formaggi and Chocolat into Mt. Morbier, wherein Madeleine killed the both Quattro and Dab Hasnel with light magic, then used her warp magic to bring Chocolat out of the volcano. Meanwhile, Olive woke up in a daze next to Candy, finding herself in front of a cave entrance in the Enigma Forest. She used telepathy to understand why she was there, figuring out that Ganache was sure to follow if she were ever in danger. Reading into Candy's heart even further, she finally learned of Ganache's ultimate goal: to fuse with the king of enigmas. At the same time, Ganache and Cabernet went around Abos Village to see where their classmates had gone, to which a pyrite exclaimed they had passed through Brownie Cavern to the Toptoh Mines. Upon reaching the mines' entrance, Ganache warned Cabernet about the party and Madeleine's impending arrival. He proceeded to sever his friendship with Cabernet, saying he, Candy, and Olive just happened to come along on his journey to join forces with the enigma king.

In the Toptoh Mines' deepest reaches, the party and Madeleine caught up to the four remaining students. Candy and Olive stood next to a vortex leading to the Abyssal Realm, the plane which governed the reincarnation of souls. Candy proclaimed her desire to aid Ganache in meeting the enigma king, and Olive broke down from the change in her classmate's behavior. Ganache remembered witnessing this behavioral change before in Vanilla, then bid Olive farewell as he advanced towards the vortex with Candy. Olive begged for her friends to stay, but she futilely watched as they both stepped inside and quickly transcended realms. Cabernet wished to enter the vortex as well, though Madeleine held him back, saying he would surely be killed; not by Ganache, but by Candy. Olive reinforced this harsh truth, to Cabernet's shock, and Madeleine ordered the reunited students to make haste and exit the mines.

Back on the magic bus, the students pieced together all the information they had gathered, concluding that Vanilla was possessed by an enigma three years ago, causing her to lose sanity and abandon Will-o'-Wisp. Two years later, the enigma assumed full control of her body and slaughtered over two hundreds soldiers, one of whom was Chardonnay. Her tirade came to an abrupt end when Biscotti intervened, using his magic to seal her within Chiboust Castle. Olive revealed that she and Candy were attacked by an enigma in Eastern Forest, which had fused with Candy before the others arrived, and her heart was plunged into darkness.

After warping into the Abyssal Realm with the help of Latte's generator, Madeleine decided to stay behind and rest while the students looked for Ganache and Candy, feeling fatigued after wandering the Dark Realm for days. Their journey spanned across many locations, and they soon arrived at the Earth of Darkness beyond the Abyssal Corridor. Candy stood alone, as Ganache had advanced to the Despair Swamp moments prior. Amongst the party's attempts to reason with her, she glared at Olive with disdain and wished for her to be gone, also reminding her of how enigmas immediately ressurected once they were killed. Suddenly, Candy's body transformed into that of Equillekrew, revealing himself to be the enigma who ambushed Olive and Candy back in the Dark Realm. The students struggled against Equillekrew, believing Candy to be dead, until Olive spoke up and reminded Candy of who she really was beneath Equillekrew's façade. Her words were enough to engulf the enigma's body in a bright light, making it unfuse Candy and perish. Upon returning to the bus as a group, Madeleine explained that in order to exile Equillekrew from her heart, Candy had to relinquish all her magic. Candy, however, came to realize that the liberation of her abilities allowed her to attain a higher level of magic.

Olive after graduating from the academy.

Shortly after recovering, Candy joined the party. The students scaled the last areas of the Abyssal Realm, leading them to the opening of Drazzig Grotto. They met Madeleine outside the lowest chamber, then entered to find Ganache conversing with Kerendu, the fallen enigma king. Before he could conduct a fusion, the group and Madeleine went in to talk sense into their classmate. Olive and Candy cooperatively mentioned that as a team, they could solve the mysteries of Kovomaka Kingdom and Will-o'-Wisp Academy once and for all, and ensure that the Material Realm remained free. To Olive's shock, Candy revealed a premonition of her own, saying Ganache was not destined to fuse with Kerendu, and how she would join him on a journey to Chiboust Castle to save Vanilla. They made haste in preventing Ganache from fusing with Kerendu, who subsequently retreated into the Revival Chamber in an effort to achieve his ultimate form. Meanwhile, Ganache realized that Kerendu contacting his heart brought his own magic back to zero, much like Candy, though he was sure this release would yield something good. He and Madeleine discussed Biscotti's past with the enigmas as the students defeated Kerendu in the Revival Chamber, thus putting an end to his cycle of reincarnation. Returning to the grotto victorious, everyone warped back to the magic bus, with Olive promising to do her best alongside Ganache in the bright future which Candy foresaw.

Return to the Kingdom[edit | edit source]

After graduating from Will-o'-Wisp, Olive became the guardian of a nature reserve on a Kovomakan archipelago. She banded together with its many animals, ensuring they were left untouched by mankind.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her name comes from 'olive', oval drupes that are usually eaten salted, or used to make olive oil.
  • Her favorite food is clam chowder.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Japanese: オリーブ・ティアクラウン, Hepburn: Orību Tiakuraun

References[edit | edit source]

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