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This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.
The party of Magical Vacation.

The party is the main group of playable characters in Magical Vacation. In the game, there are sixteen main party members, while another ten are unlocked through additional means.

Main party[edit | edit source]

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Protagonist[edit | edit source]

The protagonist can be assigned a spirit at the start of the game, which determines what spells they learn. Their chosen gender affects their stats, with the hero being proficient in HP and power, whereas the heroine excels in MP, agility, and spirit. By using Link Mode, the protagonist can permanently learn new spells from the players they communicate with.

Kirsche[edit | edit source]

Kirsche is a user of fire magic. It is one of the more powerful elements, with strong spells that vary in range. Kirsche's stats are also quite balanced with a slight preference for power. When drinking from a new MP Pot, Kirsche finds two yellow worms inside.

Candy[edit | edit source]

Candy is a user of wind magic. Her spells have a variety of area coverage, and can also buff allies' agility via mach nine. In terms of stats, Candy possesses extremely high agility, able to act quickly and dodge physical attacks. If Candy is present when talking to Bomber Pots, she removes them without needing to offer gummy frogs.

Cabernet[edit | edit source]

Cabernet is a user of poison magic. Although weaker than most other elements, it has a chance to inflict the poison ailment and slowly chip off enemies' HP. His stats are also very well-rounded, allowing him to work well in either row. Outside of battle, Cabernet makes it impossible to pick up gummy frogs off the ground.

Cider[edit | edit source]

Cider is a user of beauty magic. His spells are strictly single-target with a chance to paralyze enemies. Furthermore, the white rose spell can cure any ailment and revive fainted allies. Cider's stats lean toward MP, spirit, and some power, making him a proficient magic-based fighter. At a certain point in the story, Cider learns to move black-feathered ricebirds in the Dark Realm and Abyssal Realm.

Cassis[edit | edit source]

Cassis is a user of blade magic. While his spells are extremely high in base power, they can only reach enemies standing in the front row. As such, Cassis sacrifices defense in favor of power and agility, proving him to be a quick and versatile attacker. Outside of battle, Cassis retrieves all discarded gummy frogs when recruiting blade spirits.

Arancia[edit | edit source]

Arancia is a user of sound magic. She can reach several areas of effect, with the added chance of putting enemies to sleep. Her spirit's march spell also helps allies by greatly buffing their spirit stat, making them more resistant to magic. As for stats, Arancia excels in MP, spirit, and agility, allowing her to hastily dish out powerful spells and provide support. If Arancia is in the party while a sound spirit is being recruited, and the small ocarina has been obtained, the sound spirit reduces its asking price. After fighting monster-infested chests, Arancia may sometimes find coins inside.

Chocolat[edit | edit source]

Chocolat is a user of stone magic. Despite possessing powerful spells, his main strengths are HP, power, and defense, which makes him a tough physical tank and attacker. He can also buff allies' defense via the spell fluorite. Outside of battle, Chocolat sometimes finds gummy worms underneath kicked rocks.

Sesame[edit | edit source]

Sesame is a user of insect magic. He has purely single-target spells at his disposal, all of which can debuff enemies' physical power at varying rates. For stats, Sesame is super proficient in agility and spirit, able to simultaneously inflict and resist magic damage at a swift pace. When not in combat, Sesame warns the protagonist if chests contain monsters.

Pistachio[edit | edit source]

Pistachio is a user of wood magic. His spells vary between single-target and square areas of effect, with a chance to debuff enemies' spirit. Although Pistachio is weak in all stats except agility early on, his performance improves drastically by level 40 onward. When drinking from a new HP Pot, Pistachio finds three gummy frogs inside, the colors of which are determined by the player's report card grade.

Olive[edit | edit source]

Olive is a user of beast magic. Her spells offer a variety of effects and ranges, with the lion power spell giving allies a buff in power. Her most notable ability, powers united, absorbs all allies' magic points and inflicts damage based on the cumulative MP. Average in most stats, Olive's main proficiency is physical power. Her out-of-battle skill prevents fights from occurring when interacting with gummy worm holes.

Blueberry[edit | edit source]

Blueberry is a user of water magic. Her spells favor horizontal areas of effect or full coverage, and can even debuff enemies physical defense. When it comes to her proficiencies, Blueberry has some of the highest and MP spirit stats in the game, trading physical traits for pure magic damage and resistance. Outside of battle, Blueberry is able to translate the water peoples' Aquarim Language.

Lemon[edit | edit source]

Lemon is a user of thunder magic. With spells focused on vertical and square ranges, she is able to inflict moderate damage and immobilize enemies. Lemon's stats are rather balanced with a preference for power and HP. When not in combat, she can claw at piranhas that try to extort bira from the party.

Latte[edit | edit source]

Latte is a user of ancient magic. His spells vary in area of effect and deal light damage, with the added effect of debuffing enemies' agility. For stats, Latte boasts great HP, power, defense for effective physical tanking. Outside of battle, Latte can encourage dwarves from Opopmat Cave to help Bruschetta, which in turn unlocks Garam Masala.

Peche[edit | edit source]

Peche is a user of love magic. Being the party's designated healer, Peche specializes in spells that restore HP and MP. Her spell angel's hug is also unique, in that it removes spirits of all types from the field. To provide for her allies, Peche possesses a large MP pool, MP%, and spirit to ensure maximum support. When not in battle, Peche sometimes finds coins in gummy worm holes.

Ganache[edit | edit source]

Ganache is a user of dark magic. Although his time on the team is short-lived, Ganache's spells are super-effective against most elements, and his stat growth is the highest among the party.

Other characters[edit | edit source]

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Magic doll[edit | edit source]

Main article: Magic doll

Magic dolls are special characters that are customized with MD parts, and inherit a party member's spells and stats. The five magic dolls are MD05-Sardine, MD04-Flounder, MD03-Mackerel, MD02-Bonito, and MD01-Tuna.

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