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This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.

"Innocence can’t be narrowed down to just purity, you know. There’s purity in anger and hatred, too. Purity can hurt people, yet it can hurt you much the same. Our emotions come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s perfectly fine. But as you grow up and use magic to conform yourself to the foundations of society…you start losing touch. You lose sight of the people who suffer under the foundations of society. And by then, you’re no longer yourself."

Madeleine do Tasuca,[a] known by many as Miss Madeleine, is character in the Magical Vacation series. She is a renowned sorceress who teaches at Will-o'-Wisp Academy on the planet Kovomaka and commands powerful magic.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Madeleine is very kind, but quite absent-minded at times. She is often late to the classes that she teaches, and sometimes does not appear at all. She tends to wander off aimlessly as if her brain has switched to auto-pilot, yet somehow manages to reach her destination every time. Nevertheless, Miss Madeleine is a caring and protective teacher who always wishes for her students to follow their own paths.[2][3]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Madeleine's appearance changes between Magical Vacation and Magical Starsign. For some mysterious reason, she does not look a day older than 24, despite the two games being separated by over 800 years.

In Magical Vacation, Madeleine has curly brown hair parted in the middle that reaches down to about her waist, and her eyes are pale purple. She wears a headband with three red wing-like fabric pieces behind each ear, spotted with yellow polka dots. For clothing, she dons a light purple dress with frills on both the sleeve and bottom hems, and her upper body is cloaked by a pink shoulder cape. Her choice of shoes is a pair of violet ribboned loafers.[2]

In Magical Starsign, Madeleine's hair is tied into a long ponytail. She retains her pink shoulder cape, but has replaced her dress with a light blue corset top, blue gauntlets, and a heart-shaped belt. Additionally, she wears a pair of indigo harem trousers with gaps exposing her hips. For footwear, Madeleine has blue stockings with brass bangles around her ankles, and wears a pair of pink moccasins.[3]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Although very little was known about Madeleine, some alleged she rampaged through several realms in the past and hailed from the Dark Realm,[4] where she became acquainted with the local treemen.[5] She even became well known amongst the enigma clan, so much so that high-ranking enigmas started feigning ignorance of her power.[6]

Three years before Magical Vacation, Madeleine and Principal Biscotti were confronted by Ganache Nighthawk, who lashed out at them for ignoring the change in his sister Vanilla's behavior after her return from Valencia Beach. Moments prior, she had threatened to defeat Biscotti and destroy Kovomaka Kingdom before leaving the academy, though Ganache was unaware of the enigma possessing her heart. After he left, Madeleine wondered if it was okay to keep sending students to Valencia Beach every summer. Biscotti responded by saying magicians cannot learn magic without facing darkness, and while Vanilla would soon become an enemy of the nation, suppressing her power only limited what she was truly capable of.

Two years later, Vanilla's obsession with power caused the enigma to assume control of her heart and body. She stormed throughout the kingdom and killed over two hundred royal soldiers, until Biscotti and Madeleine fought Vanilla head-on. Biscotti used his magic to lock Vanilla away in Chiboust Castle, where she would be held for the next year.

Magical Vacation[edit | edit source]

Before Miss Madeleine and her students departed for Valencia Beach, she talked with Biscotti in secret, unsure of her ability to take care of everyone. Biscotti assured Madeleine she was capable, but their conversation was cut short when the protagonist and other students entered the room. Prior to Madeleine boarding the magic bus outside, Biscotti told the students that returning to Will-o'-Wisp at any point would result in instant expulsion. He also asked they not tell Madeleine of his warning, confident she would want them to leave Valencia Beach early. Madeleine arrived shortly after with Chocolat, and as she handed out magic notebooks, noticed Ganache was not present. Olive offered to find him, as did Candy, though Madeleine only allowed Olive to leave.

Madeleine with her class.

Once the group arrived at Valencia Beach, Madeleine dismissed her students until the campfire at nightfall. She spent most of the evening by the cottages, enamored by the seaweed, and helped the protagonist learn about menu navigation. Later that night, Madeleine sat around the campfire with her students. She told them their stay at Valencia Beach would be filled with highs and lows, but those experiences helped them improve as people. Dismissing the students for another hour of free time, Madeleine returned to the shore to observe sea cucumbers. If the protagonist interrupted her, she told them the importance of HP and MP in battle. Suddenly, several enigmas swarmed the beach and warped most of the students away. Madeleine reunited with the protagonist and Ganache, and when asked what the enigmas were, Madeleine remained silent, wondering how they were in the Material Realm. She followed Ganache down the beach, watching as he let himself be warped away by the enigmas. She then recalled her conversation with Biscotti at Will-o'-Wisp, wherein he said not all the students had to come back alive. Madeleine spurned Biscotti's words, but he feared that without capable magicians on the front lines, the war in Kovomaka Kingdom from 15 years ago would resume.

Confronting Equillekrew in the Dark Realm.

Coming back to her senses, Madeleine proceeded to kill many of the enigmas using her magic. Two remaining enigmas threatened to bring her to the Light Realm with the rest of her students, but seeing as they would be disadvantaged there, Madeleine was warped to the Dark Realm instead. While in the Dark Realm, Madeleine ordered the enigmas to reunite her with the students, and to also consult Kerendu. The enigmas were shocked that Madeleine knew of Kerendu despite being human, then Equillekrew arrived, proclaiming Kerendu had been killed. Equillekrew explained to Madeleine that the students were on another plane, and that only she was brought to the Dark Realm. As Equillekrew offered to fuse with her, since enigmas could warp between planes at will, he revealed his goal of becoming the next enigma king. Madeleine teased Equillekrew, saying he stood no chance against the students. She then exposed her ability to warp, upon which Equillekrew ordered his underlings to bring everyone to the Dark Realm.

The students did not see Madeleine again until they were in the Dark Realm themselves, finding her with the treemen of Treeman Colony. She understood they had been through a lot, promising to retool Latte so they could all return home in the Material Realm. However, Cassis told her of the warning Biscotti gave the students before their departure for Valencia Beach, to Madeleine's disbelief. When asked what Biscotti's plans were, Madeleine thought back to her conversation with Biscotti and Ganache after Vanilla went missing. Just as Madeleine began to doubt herself, Cider announced that the party must fight without being tempted by the enigmas' power. Madeleine then proceeded through the Eastern Forest to look for Ganache, Cabernet, Candy, and Olive, who were already ahead of the group.

Deep within Eastern Forest, Madeleine and her students found Candy and Olive unconscious. Ganache and Cabernet hurried over after fighting Badaboom further north, though strangely enough, no one could identify what attacked the girls. As they woke up, Cabernet noticed a glaze in Candy's eyes, to which Madeleine determined that Candy's heart was sealed shut. Olive wondered if it was her doing, but was interrupted when Chocolat, kidnapped by Quattro Formaggi back in the Light Realm, cried for help. Ganache, Olive, Cabernet, and Candy went after him, and Madeleine once again asked Candy not to follow Olive.

Taking a path north, the party reunited with other students who briefly returned to the Material Realm, warping into the Dark Realm on the magic bus. The students talked amongst themselves on the bus, opting to find their classmates and Madeleine so they could return home together. Madeleine met with Ganache and Cabernet outside Abos Village talking to a pyrite, who told them Quattro Formaggi, really a Dab Hasnel enigma possessing a dwarf, took Chocolat up to Mt. Morbier. Quattro planned on crumbling Chocolat's body under intense heat, allowing him to take and absorb his magic jewel heart. Madeleine then asked Ganache about Candy and Olive, though he and Cabernet assumed they were still with the party. Ganache abruptly left with Cabernet, telling Madeleine to find Chocolat while he searched for the girls.

Madeleine and the students eventually caught Quattro Formaggi in the depths of Mt. Morbier, commanding he let Chocolat go. Quattro threatened to take Madeleine and the students down, but she quickly blew him away with a burst of light magic. With Chocolat in safe hands, Madeleine ordered the party to return to the magic bus. Quattro suddenly got up and unleashed its true form as Dab Hasnel, only to be struck and killed by Madeleine's magic again. Heading back to Abos Village, a pyrite warned Madeleine that Ganache and Cabernet had entered the Toptoh Mines, as Candy and brought Olive there moments prior, knowing Ganache would follow suit.

In the furthest reaches of Toptoh Mines, the party met up with Madeleine talking to the four remaining students. Standing before a vortex to the Abyssal Realm, Candy declared that she and Ganache would travel to that plane in search of Kerendu, the supposed strongest enigma. Candy's behavior worried Olive, which in turn reminded Ganache of his sister's descent into madness three years ago. Madeleine told Candy and Ganache that she was powerless to stop them, to Olive's dismay, and the two proceeded to step in the vortex to the Abyssal Realm. Cabernet tried to follow Ganache despite the severing of their friendship, to which Madeleine stopped him, and Olive said he would be killed by Candy.

Back on the magic bus, the students put the pieces together, realizing the enigma that was sealed in Chiboust Castle and killed Chardonnay was Vanilla. Ganache's plan was to track down Kerendu, the strongest enigma, and borrow his power to free Vanilla from captivity. When Pistachio asked why Candy chose to join Ganache, Olive contritely revealed that she was already possessed by an enigma. Madeleine then announced that she finished retooling Latte, giving the magic bus enough energy to shift into the Abyssal Realm. Once the shift was completed, Madeleine admitted to needing some rest due to wandering the Dark Realm for days.

The party continued through the Abyssal Realm in search of Candy and Ganache, meeting the former in the Earth of Darkness while Ganache proceeded to Drazzig Grotto. Candy attempted to fight her classmates, succumbing to hatred and transforming into Equillekrew, who attacked and fused with her back in the Dark Realm. Luckily, Olive was able to bring Candy back to her senses and exile Equillekrew from her heart. When they returned to the magic bus, Madeleine assured Candy that she was now safe from Equillekrew, to which Blueberry wondered how she knew it was Equillekrew possessing her heart. Candy remarked her body felt light, with Madeleine clarifying that in order to de-fuse with an enigma, Candy had to relinquish her own magic. However, Candy noticed she could feel the very essence of magic around her, and even observe her parents in the Material Realm. Madeleine promised Candy that despite losing her powers, she was not at risk of being expelled from the academy.

As the party approached the depths of Drazzig Grotto, Madeleine arrived, exclaiming it was her duty to be present for her students' last fight. She reminded them to take in the atmosphere and hone their five senses to become one with the world, then entered the grotto's final room. She and the party rushed over to Ganache, begging for him to come home as he prepared to fuse with the former enigma king Kerendu. While Ganache was hesitant at first, Madeleine told him of Candy's de-fusion with Equillekrew, confident that the same could be done with Vanilla. Ganache believed Madeleine to be a hypocrite, since Olive looked into her heart and saw enigmas lurking within. Madeleine revealed to Ganache that back when Will-o'-Wisp was founded, Biscotti took measures to keep students away from the enigmas, but many graduates still happened to fuse with them and cause wars. Biscotti revised his policy so that students would intentionally meet with enigmas, before they lost their innocence and had to face the world as fully-fledged magicians. Before Ganache could rejoin Madeleine, he felt his fusion with Kerendu commence, pleading for his classmates to put an end to it.

After the party defeated Kerendu and freed Ganache, Madeleine asked Kerendu why he allowed Equillekrew do as he pleased and make contact with the Material Realm. Kerendu, however, said he no longer had any power over Equillekrew or the lesser enigmas, vowing to reincarnate to become the enigma king once more. He entered a portal leading to the Revival Chamber, so with some time to spare, Madeleine told her students the truth about Kerendu. Three centuries ago, Kerendu lost a war against Biscotti and promised to never contact the Material Realm ever again, consequently losing all prestige he gained as the enigma king. To reclaim his authority, he willingly allowed himself to cyclically die and reincarnate, becoming more powerful with each new life. The party followed Kerendu into the Revival Chamber, and in the meantime, Madeleine explained to Ganache that like Candy, his contact with an enigma rid him of his magic. She also named the enigma fused with Biscotti, the former enigma king Yuvick, whom he used to ward Kerendu out of the Material Realm. Once the students defeated Kerendu and put an end to his cycle of reincarnation, they returned to Drazzig Grotto, where Madeleine admitted to Ganache that she was never actually possessed by an enigma. Ganache and Madeleine used warp magic to quickly return to the surface, as did the party, marking the end of their adventure.[2]

After Magical Vacation[edit | edit source]

Some time later, Madeleine left Kovomaka and traveled to the planet Cassia to study at Ambergris Preparatory School. There, she spent the next eight centuries analyzing and annotating the Book of the Darned, a grimoire written by the archwizard Craaken which detailed the universe's metaphysics and prevised annihilation. She then returned to Kovomaka and resumed her duties as a professor at Will-o'-Wisp. At some point, a graduate named Kale talked with Madeleine in the academy's secret rocket bay, imparting information about a planet that supposedly resided inside the sun.

Magical Starsign[edit | edit source]

Madeleine supervising the protagonist.

Biscotti received word of Kale, who had gone rogue and began causing trouble across the Baklava solar system. He summoned Madeleine to his office, telling her of Kale's band of astro pirates who carried out his heinous deeds. Biscotti then ordered Madeleine to fly to the wind planet Puffoon to deal with Kale, to which her students entered the office with worry. To touch up on magical combat, Madeleine called her students to the academy's meditation room and had them train against magic dummies. Sorbet and Chai wondered if the group would be following their teacher into outer space, though Madeleine promised their training was just for preparation.

Madeleine departed for Puffoon later that day, advancing to Couscous Ruins on the planet's outskirts. There, she met with Kale and inquired about the magicians his pirates had abducted. Kale announced the magicians were sent to the fire planet Razen, but would soon be taken to the sun. When asked about the sun, Kale apprised Madeleine of a gluttonous worm that lived inside it, and how he planned on sacrificing the abducted magicians to that worm. Further in the ruins, Madeleine was met by Biek Fowler, the chief fighting instructor of the Space Police and an ally of Kale, accompanied by several Space Policemen. Just as Fowler proclaimed Madeleine had fallen for Kale's trap, she warped the accompanying officers away with a surge of magic, proceeding to confront Fowler herself. Madeleine's efforts were for naught, as she was defeated and detained by Fowler, then flown to Razen with the other abducted magicians. Her absence lasted three months, greatly concerning her students and Biscotti back on Kovomaka. Lassi eventually caved in from the stress, leading the students to discover the academy's rocket bay and blast off into outer space.

As the protagonist, Lassi, Mokka, Chai, Pico, and Sorbet searched for Madeleine across Baklava, they got to know many of her acquaintances, especially those whom she met at Ambergris Prep. Sorbet briefly worked alongside Kale and his subordinate Chard, though it was merely a ploy to save Madeleine by herself. She and the other students eventually reunited at Shishkebab Cavern on Razen, finding an unconscious Madeleine atop the Stone Stage with Kale. Before Sorbet could reach her by sacrificing Celadon the pot, Kale activated the stage's power and warped his crew to Nova, a planet of light hidden in the sun. The students then took it upon themselves to follow Kale, using the five millennium gummies to reach Nova and later its dark counterpart Shadra. Before arriving on the dark planet, a magician called Carbon managed to flee Chromagar Cave, the dwelling of Shadra the giant larva, with several other magicians after Madeleine gave them a chance to escape.

The students soon made it to Chromagar Cave and defeated Kale, but found Madeleine encased in a layer of gummies. On the verge of dying, she telepathically told her pupils to unleash their magic and defeat Shadra in its final form, in which they succeeded and brought forth a new light that shone throughout Baklava. With Madeleine freed from her gummy encasing, she sent her soul to Kovomaka to see Biscotti, then faded into a myriad of lights in front of the party. Madeleine's congratulated her pupils in spirit, but apologized for not being present to see their accomplishments. However, she assured them they would be okay on their own, so long as they remembered to be compassionate. Finally, she vowed to meet the students on another planet in another life, bidding them farewell one last time.[3]

Knights of the Universe[edit | edit source]

Madeleine saluting King Geasshigaou Oden.

In this continuity, Madeleine went to Kovomaka Castle to consult King Geasshigaou Oden after an alien life form dubbed The "Sheep" crash landed outside Kovomaka Kingdom. Meanwhile, her students departed for Eldile Plains to find Vanilla and the White Hawks Magic Knights, who were supposedly killed by The "Sheep".[7]

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Her name comes from madeleine, small cakes originating in France. Her surname, do Tasuca, comes from カスタード kasutādo, meaning "custard".[a]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese マドレーヌ・ド・タスカ
Madeleine do Tasuca
Miss Madeleine
Flag of France.svg French Mlle Madeleine Miss Madeleine
Flag of Germany.svg German Frau Baiser Miss Meringue
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Signorina Madeleine Miss Madeleine
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Señorita Madeleine Miss Madeleine

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the summer of 2006, players could visit select DS Download Stations and download Miss Madeleine's Letters into their copies of Magical Starsign. However, this event was Japan-exclusive, and the letters were never officially translated internationally.
  • Although Madeleine's age is not explicitly stated in Magical Starsign, Shinichi Kameoka has confirmed it to be at least 850.[1]
  • In a post on series director Nobuyuki Inoue's now-deleted Twitter, he said that if he were to make Magical Vacation 3, it would begin with Madeleine bursting into a classroom and saying, 'You, you, and you! Come here at once!' before promptly leaving.[8]
  • Madeleine and Pistachio are the only characters who appear in all four pieces of Magical Vacation series media, be it on-screen appearances or in text.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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