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Will-o'-Wisp Academy Gallery
This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Romhacking.net. Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.

"Founded three hundred years ago in the Magic Kingdom of Kovomaka, on the edge of the continent, the Magic Academy has an extensive history of fostering talented sorcerers for generations. Its graduates have gone on to utilize their abilities to support the nation's development. Even today, Kovomaka is referred to as the heart of the continent."
Magical Vacation game manual, page 5 (translation)

Will-o'-Wisp Academy, also known as the Magic Academy, is a location in the Magical Vacation series. It is a magic school in the Material Realm located in Kovomaka Kingdom on the planet Kovomaka. In Magical Starsign, it also serves as an Amigo Dungeon.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy encounters at Will-o'-Wisp only occur in Magical Starsign. One is fought during the main game, while more appear in the Will-o'-Wisp Amigo Dungeon.[1]

Main game[edit | edit source]

# Name Level Drops
179 Fire Icon - MS.png Magic dummy 1 None

Amigo Dungeon[edit | edit source]

# Name Level Drops
001 Fire Icon - MS.png Chippermunk 7 Healing Item Icon - MS.png Crimson frog
028 Wood Icon - MS.png Juniperil 3 Healing Item Icon - MS.png Brass frog
029 Wood Icon - MS.png Broot 4 Jam Item Icon - MS.png Nut spread
055 Wind Icon - MS.png Choker 5 Jam Item Icon - MS.png Lemon jam
056 Wind Icon - MS.png Skylancer 5 Healing Item Icon - MS.png Khaki frog
083 Earth Icon - MS.png Meteorn 6 Healing Item Icon - MS.png Brown frog
114 Water Icon - MS.png Umbrelloon 7 Other Item Icon - MS.png Rainbow shell
139 Light Icon - MS.png Bellcharm 5 Healing Item Icon - MS.png Gold frog
131 Light Icon - MS.png Prettyboy 8 Tail Item Icon - MS.png Wakey tail
152 Dark Icon - MS.png Pumpkrone 6 Healing Item Icon - MS.png Jasmine frog

Items[edit | edit source]

Magical Vacation[edit | edit source]

Treasure chest Field
Head Icon - MV.png Bandana
Arms Icon - MV.png Magic wrist
Body Icon - MV.png Vinyl shirt
Boot Icon - MV.png Wooden clogs
Accessory Icon - MV.png Hair clip
Healing Item Icon - MV.png Green frog
Healing Item Icon - MV.png Yellow worm
Sticker Icon - MV.png Compassion sticker

Magical Starsign Amigo Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Regular chests[edit | edit source]

Treasure chest Mysterious chest
Bira Icon - MS.png Bira x50
Bira Icon - MS.png Bira x100
Bira Icon - MS.png Bira x150
Bira Icon - MS.png Bira x200
Bira Icon - MS.png Bira x500
Bira Icon - MS.png Bira x1000
Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
Jam Item Icon - MS.png Berry jelly
Jam Item Icon - MS.png Nut butter
Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Ruby bomb
Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Quartz bomb
Battle Item Icon - MS.png Slippy oil
Battle Item Icon - MS.png Sugarstar
Battle Item Icon - MS.png Bean pop
Arms Item Icon - MS.png White gloves

Victory chests[edit | edit source]

Expand Icon.png This section is incomplete and requires expansion.
Treasure chest Mysterious chest
Jam Item Icon - MS.png Raisin jelly
Other Item Icon - MS.png Gold dust

Non-player characters[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Up until three centuries before Magical Vacation, magic and spirits were not well known on Kovomaka, a planet on the Baklava solar system's frontier. An enlightened magician named Biscotti would eventually introduce magical concepts to the people of Kovomaka, then founded Will-o'-Wisp Academy in the heart of Kovomaka Kingdom to propagate the teaching of magic. Biscotti had also fused with the enigma king Yuvick around this time, which greatly amplified his abilities. His main interest was the way in which enigmas used magic, and so wanted to learn more despite being incredible powerful already. Soon thereafter, an enigma named Kerendu, who had taken Yuvick's place as king, seized control of the enigmas and attempted to invade Kovomaka Kingdom, but Biscotti used his fusion with Yuvick as a way to ward off Kerendu's forces out of the Material Realm.

Biscotti's plan was to have people from across the universe enroll at the academy, and train them until they became full-fledged magicians. Students who graduated from Will-o'-Wisp typically found jobs that served the Kovomaka Kingdom, the most common one being recruited as a soldier for the royal army. By having skilled magicians on the front lines, the Kovomaka Kingdom had enough power to fight back against anything that posed a threat to their nation. At first, Biscotti was hesitant to make students encounter enigmas at Valencia Beach and endanger their lives, but seeing as one fifth of Will-o'-Wisp graduates fused with enigmas anyway, he figured that such encounters would help awaken students to their true magic potential. Consequently, a three-day-long war sparked when the enigma-possessed revolted against the kingdom, resulting in thousands of casualties. Civilians were never told of the war and peace swiftly prevailed, but Biscotti continued to search for new capable students in preparation for the next battle.[2]

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Its name comes from will o' the wisp, ghostly lights in English folklore which are said to be seen by travelers at night.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 魔法学校ウィルオウィスMV
魔法学校 ウィル・オ・ウィスプMS
Magic Academy Will-o'-Wisp
Flag of France.svg French Ecole d’Edgar Simor Edgar Simor School, from the French magician Garcimore
Flag of Germany.svg German Irrlicht-Akademie Will-o'-Wisp Academy
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Accademia di Magia Academy of Magic
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Academia Abracadabra Abracadabra Academy

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During Magical Vacation, there are around 6000 students and 120 faculty members at the academy.[3]
  • According to Magical Vacation rumors, the protagonist, Candy, and Pistachio live at the academy's dormitories.[4]
  • Will-o'-Wisp does not follow a traditional year-based grade system; instead, one can graduate at any time if they pass a graduation exam. The exam consists of a written report and a practical skill demonstration.[5]
  • The academy has a male cheerleading team who appear at sports festivals. Pico is dressed in the clothes worn by this team.[6]
  • It is possible that Will-o'-Wisp Academy references the Academy of Magic from Legend of Mana, a location in Magic City Geo.
  • In Magical Vacation, there is a framed picture with the kanji 友情 (friendship) in the east wing. This was retextured to "LOVE" in the English fan translation.
  • In the Japanese version of Magical Starsign, the door to the heavens has a slightly brown complexion and door knockers made to look like nose rings. International releases made the door appear less offensive by removing its exaggerated features and giving it a silver color.
  • Between both games' soundtracks, Will-o'-Wisp's theme is the only song that uses a 5/4 time signature.

References[edit | edit source]

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