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This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.

"A girl who loves music. Super self-paced. Her Mama and Papa are also musicians."

Arancia Scorenote[a] is a party member in Magical Vacation. She is a talented musician who attends Will-o'-Wisp Academy, and is a user of sound magic.

Party member[edit | edit source]

Arancia is the second classmate to be recruited by the party, joining in the Forest Cave. Her initial levels are level 2 and magic level 3.

Her element is sound, represented by the spirit Catchy. Its spells can put enemies to sleep, and buff allies' spirit to resist magic attacks. In battle, Arancia greatly excels in MP and spirit, but falls short when it comes to physical attributes.[1]

Level 1 stats[edit | edit source]

Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png Magical Vacation - HP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MPP Symbol.png MP% Magical Vacation - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Vacation - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Vacation - Spirit Stat Symbol.png Spr Magical Vacation - Agility Symbol.png Agi
2 16 23 8% 6 7 9 12

Level 2 stats[edit | edit source]

Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png Magical Vacation - HP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MPP Symbol.png MP% Magical Vacation - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Vacation - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Vacation - Spirit Stat Symbol.png Spr Magical Vacation - Agility Symbol.png Agi
3 26 31 9% 7 9 9 10

Max stats[edit | edit source]

These totals may vary based on stat allocation bias.

Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png Magical Vacation - HP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MP Symbol.png Magical Vacation - MPP Symbol.png MP% Magical Vacation - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Vacation - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Vacation - Spirit Stat Symbol.png Spr Magical Vacation - Agility Symbol.png Agi
99 3016 4519 9% 173 175 508 342

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Spells Skills
Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 1 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 2 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 5 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 8 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 11 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 14 Magical Vacation - Magic level Symbol.png 18 Skill Icon - MV.png Slap
Guard Icon - MV.png Guard
Flee Icon - MV.png Flee
Catchy Symbol.png Call Catchy Catchy Symbol.png Spirit's requiem Catchy Symbol.png Spirit's nocturne Catchy Symbol.png Clear Rocky Catchy Symbol.png Spirit's march Catchy Symbol.png Double Catchy Catchy Symbol.png Spirit's waltz

Special power[edit | edit source]

Arancia's special power allows her to sometimes find coins in chests with monsters inside.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Arancia is an incredibly gifted musician who enjoys smooth, chill music.[2] She tends to be very outward about her thoughts and likes to move at her own pace, but has no problems bossing others around. She often talks in whimsical sentence fragments.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Arancia's hair is green and tied in dreadlocks, topped with an orange and purple fez. Her eyes are also green. For clothes, she wears an orange cone-shaped robe lined in purple fabric and patterned with tangerine triangles. Over her shoulders is a large collar that covers the robes' drawstring, and underneath is a baggy red suit with golden buckles. Her choice of footwear is leather shoes.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Arancia grew up playing a variety of instruments, including the piano, harp, strings, percussion, and woodwinds. She had a natural talent of being able to master any instrument in an instant, even ones she had never seen before. Born into an upper-class family of musicians, Arancia was taught to hone her talents from professional tutors. However, when she entered a music competition, her songs were criticized for being flat and lacking energy. She later realized that her lethargic music could lull people to sleep, so she began using it on her parents and tutors in order to skip lessons.[3]

A lot of Arancia's childhood was spent with Kirsche Pintail, whom she vowed to marry when they got older. The two eventually enrolled in Will-o'-Wisp Academy together, but Kirsche slowly grew distant from Arancia as he had fallen in love with Candy Mintblue, unaware Candy was already crushing on Ganache Nighthawk.

Magical Vacation[edit | edit source]

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Arancia with her classmates in the music room.

Before departing for the Valencia Beach Seaside School, Arancia accompanied Cassis, Cider, Olive, and Latte in the academy's music room, where they discussed rumors surrounding the camp. Cassis alleged that attendees of the annual Seaside School trip returned to Will-o'-Wisp completely deranged, while Cider argued the contrary. Olive mentioned Ganache's sister Vanilla, as she acted strange after attending camp three years ago. Arancia paid no mind to the conversation, joining the protagonist to look for Cabernet with the other students.

Upon boarding Balsamico's magic bus and leaving the academy, Candy asked Arancia about her feelings towards Kirsche, since they were long-time companions. Arancia denied being in love, to which Sesame nearly blurted out Kirsche's romantic interest in Candy, but Kirsche quickly shut him up. Arriving at Valencia Beach soon thereafter, the students scattered throughout Valencia Beach before free time. An irate Arancia feared that Miss Madeleine would be upset with the class, though Kirsche presumed she was too spaced out to even notice. Once free time officially commenced, the protagonist was invited by Kirsche to find pirate treasure hidden on the beach. Arancia was eager to join, until Kirsche began rambling about Candy again. Later on, the protagonist and Sesame gathered many students, one of whom could be Arancia, and explored a cave on the east end of the beach. They all returned to a campfire at dusk and another period of free time ensued, wherein Arancia told Kirsche of a gummy frog forest in the south. Kirsche proceeded to chase down a gummy frog, as did the protagonist, until Blueberry alerted everyone that strange creatures called enigmas invaded the campgrounds. One by one, the students were warped to another plane of existence called the Light Realm, though luckily for Arancia, she managed to reunite with Kirsche.

While exploring the Light Realm, Kirsche and Arancia entered the Forest Cave, spotting the protagonist and Pistachio conversing with a fake Arancia. They rushed in before the fake Arancia could fuse with Pistachio, as "she" was actually a shapeshifting enigma named Volcanera. The four students were able to take down Volcanera, but the enigma warped Kirsche to a secluded part of the cave in order to claim him as a fusion host. Arancia accompanied her two classmates to Oturan Village, reconvening with Ganache and learning of their persecution by the enigmas. Just then, a Traveling Putty claimed to hear ominous noises coming from beneath their house, which the group found out to be Kirsche struggling against Volcanera. Ganache saved Kirsche by offering himself as Volcanera's vessel, only to kill the enigma at the last second.

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Reaching the depths of Drazzig Grotto, the students and Madeleine caught up to Ganache, finding him conversing with Kerendu. Each of Ganache's classmates called out to him, with Arancia remarking how the sixteen of them may never see each other again after graduation. However, she assured Ganache that the memories they shared could never be erased, and vowed to become a great composer who touched peoples' hearts with music. The class was able to interrupt Ganache's fusion with Kerendu, who hurried into the Revival Chamber to attain a new form. As for Ganache, he lost his magic as a result of de-fusion, but eventually realized he had reached a higher state of consciousness. The students followed Kerendu into the Revival Chamber and vanquished him for good, thus putting an end to his cycle of reincarnation. Everyone proceeded to warp back to the magic bus, with their adventure concluding as they returned to Will-o'-Wisp Academy.

Return to the Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Arancia and her children.

When Arancia grew up, she married Kirsche and gave birth to two children. Kirsche set out on a journey around the world before joining Will-o'-Wisp as an instructor, while the children were raised by Arancia, who waited longingly for her husband to return home.[1]

Knights of the Universe[edit | edit source]

Fighting against The "Sheep".

In this continuity, Arancia accompanied her classmates to Eldile Plains where an alien life form called The "Sheep" crash landed the night before. The group intended on joining Vanilla's White Hawks Magic Knights in their investigation of The "Sheep", but both Pistachio and Souffle lost track of Vanilla's brigade. Arriving at the crash site, Arancia, Cider, and Pistachio unleashed their spirits and magic in unison, though The "Sheep" was unaffected. It fired lasers at the group apart from Mash and Sorbet, so Souffle fought back by calling forth Kerendu.[4]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her name comes from 'arancia', meaning 'orange' in Italian.
  • Her favorite beverage is herbal tea.
  • During her introduction in the English fan translation, she is incorrectly listed as a user of beauty magic.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Japanese: アランシア・スコアノート, Hepburn: Aranshia Sukoanōto

References[edit | edit source]

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