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This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.

Balsamico[a] a character in Magical Vacation. He is a servant of Kovomaka Kingdom and Will-o'-Wisp Academy who pilots the magic bus.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Balsamico is very loud and eccentric, but gets along well with the academy's students.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Balsamico is a large bipedal amphibian with light green skin. He has red lips, fins on the sides of his face, and a round gut with a protruding belly button. His hands and feet are webbed. The only clothes he wears is a pilot's hat, denim jacket, and a red tie with yellow polka dots.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Magical Vacation[edit | edit source]

Balsamico was seen briefly in the game's prologue as the students boarded the magic bus. Before taking off for Valencia Beach, he excitedly introduced himself and charged into the front gate, destroying it. After the students were abducted by enigmas on the beach later that night, Balsamico was not seen again until the protagonist, Kirsche, Pistachio, and Arancia arrived at Ricebird Fields. Balsamico claimed the enigmas mistook his bus for their own kind, so they warped it to the Light Realm with him still inside. He told the students that Peche, Blueberry, and Lemon went out to look for Latte in order to fix the bus, which broke down due to the impact of entering the Light Realm.

Once Latte was rescued from Parmesan at Tour de la Roche, Balsamico needed a magic power generator to make the bus work again. Another quest ensued, in which Latte and the students ventured to Iko Domnag to have Grenadine upgrade Latte with the generator. Latte managed to get the bus running, meaning they could warp to any realm; however, they would only be able to warp once. Everyone agreed that going back to Will-o'-Wisp would allow Balsamico to fully repair the magic bus, so they opted to return to the Material Realm.

In the academy's courtyard, the students started fearing for their academic futures. This is because Principal Biscotti forbade their return to Will-o'-Wisp, with the punishment being instant expulsion. Their discussion led Balsamico to reveal that it was not enigmas, but rather Biscotti who sent the bus to the Light Realm. He also explained how the students were Biscotti's last hope, as war was inevitable and the Kingdom needed capable magicians. With limited time left to find Ganache and the other students, who were taken to the Dark Realm earlier, Balsamico said it was possible to warp to the Dark Realm by entering Will-o'-Wisp's summoning machine. Its normal purpose was to bring entities from other realms into the academy, but by having Latte enter it, his magic power generator would reverse the flow of energy. The protagonist, Latte, and a third student entered the machine and shifted into the Dark Realm, while Balsamico stayed behind with the remaining students.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name comes from 'aceto balsamico', meaning 'balsamic vinegar' in Italian.
  • He has a wife and children.
  • His salary is 20 pinecones a day.
  • He crashes the magic bus into the academy's front gates every year, and Biscotti always repairs it by hand.
  • In a piece of official artwork, Balsamico can be seen peeking at some of the female characters bathing in an onsen. This art is used for the dust jacket of Magical Vacation Complete Guide, but Balsamico is replaced by a treeman.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Japanese: バルサミコ, Hepburn: Barusamiko

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