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Kovopedia is an online collaborative encyclopedia for the Magical Vacation series of video games from Nintendo and Brownie Brown. Any information found on this site is voluntarily added by contributors, who may be anonymous.

None of the content on this site has necessarily been reviewed or endorsed by Nintendo, Brownie Brown, or any related contributor to the series unless otherwise stated.

While the majority of information on the site is likely to be accurate, the open nature of contributions means that accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The site may have sections that are purposefully edited to be inaccurate through vandalism, though this may be corrected by any contributors.

If a user encounters content that violates Kovopedia policies or is otherwise troublesome, it is encouraged that they remove or modify this content. If this is insufficient or the user is unable to make the changes themselves, they are advised to contact an active administrator. If you wish to send a message that may contain information that is confidential, or you are a representative of a copyright holder, please instead email us at admin@kovopedia.com.

Any trademarks found or referenced on Kovopedia are the property of their respective owners. Kovopedia is not endorsed by or affiliated with these parties unless stated otherwise. As such, the site and its users cannot grant the use of copyrighted or trademarked material elsewhere.