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magicalpatcher was an anonymous user of the website They were responsible for the first English fan translation of Magical Vacation, initially released on June 7, 2016.

History[edit | edit source]

On October 25, 2015, magicalpatcher announced on the forums that they were translating Magical Vacation, asking for advice on header text, font design, and translations from other forum users.[1] After posting updates and screenshots throughout November, they declared on December 4 that the English patch's first iteration was set to be released on June 10, 2016.[2] In the meantime, magicalpatcher resumed translating the script and receiving help from the forum, especially when it came to deciphering the water peoples' Aquarim Language.[3]

On December 31, they announced that the first draft of the script was translated to completion,[4] later asking for Beta testers to scout the patch for glitches on March 1, 2016.[5] magicalpatcher eventually released the English patch on June 7, three days earlier than expected, and proceeded to answer inquiries from forum users.[6] On September 3, they made a post bringing awareness to the game's graphical errors and mistranslations, claiming they would develop an improved patch once things were less busy in their personal life.[7] These were magicalpatcher's second-to-last series of posts until September 23, 2019, wherein they linked a new standalone patch that fixed some errors present in the first iteration.[8] Afterwards, they were seldom active on, completely abandoning the site on October 30.

Consistencies with Magical Starsign[edit | edit source]

To keep the English patch's script consistent with the English localization of Magical Starsign, things that appear in both games, but have different names between regions, were given their official English names instead. A notable example is is Biscotti, whose name in Japanese is Grand Dragée. However, Kido Monga was renamed to Iko Domnag, despite the location reappearing in Magical Starsign under the localized name Condimen Tower. Some spells that return in Starsign were also not given their official localized names in the patch, apart from shadow die. Moreover, the spells starlight and spacelight had their names switched, likely the result of an oversight. Several enemies were not given their localized names either, such as the Starsign enemy trilobiter, who was renamed to gubder in the English patch.

Below is a list of spells in Vacation that also appear in Starsign with revised names in the English fan translation:

Japanese name MS English localization MV English fan translation
Hot grill
Fire Icon - MS.png Lava spuds Toasty Symbol.png Hot grill
Charred jet
Fire Icon - MS.png Afterburner Toasty Symbol.png Searing fireball
Heat fondu
Fire Icon - MS.png Heat fondu Toasty Symbol.png Heat fondue
Aqua glacé
Water Icon - MS.png Hailstorm Rainy Symbol.png Glacial glaze
Soda frappé
Water Icon - MS.png Absolute zero Rainy Symbol.png Snow frappé
Light Icon - MS.png Arclight Holy Symbol.png Sunlight
Light Icon - MS.png Crystal laser Holy Symbol.png Spacelight

Character names[edit | edit source]

Most characters retain their original names, except for Cidre Rainbow, renamed to Cider Rainbow, and Café au Lait Rustynail, renamed to Latte Rustynail. Also, all sixteen spirits received new names that reflect their element, and end with "~y". Air was renamed to Gusty, Flow to Rainy, Nirva to Inky, and so on.

The enigma-possessed dwarves in Kido Monga are named とくめいきぼう Tokumei-kibō, which roughly translates to 'Preferred anonymous'. Though in the fan translation, the phrase was misinterpreted as 'Anonymous hope'.

Location names[edit | edit source]

Since several locations in Magical Vacation are anadromes of Japanese foods, the patch gave them "localized" names that could be more easily recognized by an English-speakers. For example, Benakoncha Ruins was renamed to Wetsomus Ruins; Benakoncha is an anadrome of ちゃんこ鍋 chanko-nabe, stew eaten by sumo wrestlers, hence the name Wetsomus.

Most instances of the word "plane" were replaced with "realm," and names including "death" were replaced with "abyss." i.e., the Death Plane was renamed to the Abyssal Realm, and the Death Corridor to the Abyssal Corridor.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Cid[edit | edit source]

A dwarf in Kido Monga named Vinegar says the following when spoken to:

I wanna make an airship, but I CAN'T make one. There's an issue with the patents.

In the fan translation, Vinegar makes reference to Cid from the Final Fantasy series, saying:

I want to create an airship but I can't. There's a problem with patents filed by this "Cid" guy.

Ganache's epiphany[edit | edit source]

After defeating Kerendu in his first form, Ganache says:

We need to put an end to this… Not even an enigma can come back to life if its life force ceases on the Death Plane...!
If I can imagine myself as having fused with him, I’ll be able to control the enigmas... The weak enigmas...and all the enigmas latched onto humans...

Whereas in the fan translation, he says:

We need to stop this… If we kill the Abyssal Realm itself then the enigmas will stop reviving…!
If we just let it be, then it’ll control all the Enigmas… The weak ones…and the ones that are possessing humans…

Character epilogues[edit | edit source]

The party's epilogue segments were left entirely untranslated; instead, miscellaneous symbols and letters appear. Below are refined translations of each party member's epilogues:

Character Japanese English translation
Kirsche キルシュは世界中を冒険したのちに、コヴォマカにもどり魔法学校の教師になりました。 Kirsche, after adventuring around the world, returned to Kovomaka to become a teacher at the Magic Academy.
Blueberry ブルーベリーは水の魔法を研究するため水のプレーンへと渡り、ウォーターピープルと親交を深めました。 Blueberry ventured to the Water Plane to study water magic, and deepened her bond with the water people.
Chocolat ショコラは学校を卒業した後も、学校の近くの丘上で、風を感じたり、鳥の声を聞いたりして過ごしもあした。 Chocolat, after graduating from school, continued to reside on a hill near the academy to enjoy the winds and listen to birdsong.
Candy キャンディは魔法を使うことをやめて、歴史や政治や哲学について学び、やがて魔法学校の歴史学の講師になりました。 Candy stopped using magic altogether and studied history, politics, and philosophy, eventually becoming a history instructor at the Magic Academy.
Peche ペシュは鶏を救う基金を作り、お金を集めて、鶏たちが安全に暮せる保護区を作りました。 Peche created a fund to save the dodos, raising money to build a sanctuary where they could live in safety.
Lemon レモンは格闘技を学び、格闘技と魔法を組み合わせた独自流派をおこして、全国に伝えました。 Lemon practiced her martial arts and founded her own style that combined martial arts and magic, which spread nationwide.
Cabernet カベルネは帽子に住んでいるカエル師匠の国を訪ね、様々な珍しい魔法を身につけ、カエルの国の守護者となりました。 Cabernet visited the country of the master frog that lived in his hat, attained all kinds of unusual magic, and became the frog country's guardian.
Cassis カシスは冒険で手に入れたもの全てを貧しい子供たちに分け与え、すっからかんになって、また一人で旅に出ました。 Cassis imparted all that he acquired on his journey to impoverished children, and then, without a penny to his name, set out once again on his own.
Cidre シードルは臨海学校での出来事を何枚もの絵に描き、そこで起きたことを後の世代にまで語りつぎました。 Cidre painted countless pictures of the affairs at the Seaside School, passing down stories of what happened there for generations to come.
Arancia アランシアは結婚して二人の子供をさずかり、学校から帰ってこない熱血教師の夫を待ちぼうける日々を送りました。 Arancia got married and was blessed with two children, spending her days eagerly awaiting her hot-blooded teacher of a husband, who never returned from the academy.
Café au Lait カフェオレはロケットに改造されヴァレンシア海岸で打ち上げられて、それっきり行方不明になってしまいました。 Café au Lait was rebuilt into a rocket and launched off Valencia Beach, and has been missing ever since.
Pistachio ピスタチオは卒業にはげみ、魔法学校で博士号を得た後、たくさんの本を書いて、大陸の外にまで魔法を伝えました。 Pistachio, after graduating from the Magic Academy and obtaining a PhD, wrote many books and spread magic far beyond the continent.
Olive オリーブはとある無人の島に渡り、様々な鳥や動物たちと協力して、人間の手から島の自然を守りました。 Olive moved to an uninhabited island, where she worked together with all kinds of birds and animals to protect the island's wildlife from human hands.
Sesame セサミは古代技術の研究家になって、相棒のカフェオレに様々な改造を加え、いくつもの論文を発表しました。 Sesame became an ancient technology researcher, made various modifications to his partner Café au Lait, and published several papers.
Protagonist (normal) そして、我らが主人公は魔法学校ウィルオウィスプで魔法を教えるようになりました。戦うための魔法ではなく互いに助け合うための魔法を教え、新しい時代にふさわしい学校にとウィルオウィスプを改革しました。 As for our protagonist, they began teaching magic at Will-o'-Wisp Magic Academy. Instead of teaching magic to fight, they taught magic to help those in need, reforming Will-o'-Wisp into a school suitable for a new era.
Protagonist (dark) そして、我らが主人公は更なる強敵を求めて国を出ました。20年かけて大陸を踏破し、30以上の国に足跡と伝説を残し、やがて、プレーン間を自在に移動する術を身につけるまでにいたりました。その冒険は、火のプレーンを皮きりに、20のプレーンに及びました。風のプレーンで87才で没するまでに、各国で100以上の称号を得て、死後もなお、様々な土地の名前としてその名は残ったのでした。 As for our protagonist, they left the country in search of more powerful foes. They spent twenty years traversing the continent, leaving their footprint and legacy in over thirty nations, eventually mastering the art of shifting freely between planes. Their adventure spanned twenty planes, beginning on the Fire Plane. By the time they passed away on the Wind Plane at the age of 87, they earned hundreds of titles across various nations. Even in death, their name lingered on as the names of several landmarks.
Protagonist (light) そして、我らが主人公はどーどーの呪いを解く方法やエニグマとの融合を解く方法、それらを求めて旅に出たのでした。数多くのプレーンを旅し、時に手ごわいモンスターを倒し、時に病にふせる村人たちを救い、それらの経験の中から、様々な知識を見つけ出しました。旅で手にした情報は一冊の本にまとめられ、魔法学校に届けられました。そこには、どーどーの呪いやエニグマとの融合を解く方法など、いろんな知識があふれていました。その本は、ウィルオウィスプで最も重要な情報源となり、コヴォマカの、すべての魔法使いに大いなる知識をもたらしました。ただ、主人公の消息だけは誰にもわかりませんでした。 As for our protagonist, they set out on a journey in search of ways to break the dodos' curse and undo enigma fusion. They ventured across many planes, occasionally defeating fierce monsters and helping sickly villagers, and gleaned lots of knowledge through these experiences. The information gathered on their expeditions was compiled into a book and later delivered to the Magic Academy. Within it was a wellspring of information, including the dodos' curse and how to undo enigma fusion. The book became the most valuable source of information at Will-o'-Wisp, and provided vast knowledge for every magician in Kovomaka. And yet, no one knew what became of the protagonist.

Other[edit | edit source]

Species encyclopedia[edit | edit source]

In the species encyclopedia, Pizza's entry reads:

A dude with pinecone mania. He can warp you from anywhere via his extradimensional hat. His warping sometimes fails, but he doesn't take complaints.

The fan translation takes considerable liberty from this, changing the entry to:

Only one member of this species has been observed, a pinecone obsessed Warphat who goes by the name Pizza. It is possible to warp to any dimension with its hat.

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