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Wood is a magic affinity in Magical Starsign. As a mixed attack and utility attribute, its spells inflict high damage and pinch enemies' hit points with thorns, while improving allies physical and magical defenses. It can also make allies impervious to physical attacks by applying wall. When cast from the back row, wood magic is typically distributed equally. Chai and Tom Yam have wood affinity, gaining aura when Gren is in its region of the astrolog.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Wood Icon - MS.png Pepperthorn 5 60 Front focus 20% chance of thorns
Wood Icon - MS.png Minty freshness 10 Shared Buffs allies' defense and spirit by 35%
Wood Icon - MS.png Briar patch 30 180 Fixed 20% chance of thorns
Wood Icon - MS.png Parsley wall 100% Shared Applies wall
Wood Icon - MS.png Cactus crush 60 350 Fixed 20% chance of thorns
Egg character
Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Wood Icon - MS.png Chamomile egg 70 200 Fixed 50% chance to debuff spirit by 20%

Enemies[edit | edit source]

# Name Sprite Description Level Habitat Drops
028 Wood Icon - MS.png Juniperil
Juniperil - Battle.png
The juniperil is a master of the art of caring for diminutive trees. It expertly clips and manicures itself to reach a tiny, zenlike bliss.
Magic Academy (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Brass frog
029 Wood Icon - MS.png Broot
Broot - Battle.png
These plant monsters are freshest in the spring. Their rich flavor is ideal for stews, but their cute, doelike eyes also make them an ideal garnish!
Magic Academy (Amigo Dungeon) Jam Item Icon - MS.png Nut spread
030 Wood Icon - MS.png Mossling
Mossling - Battle.png
This living clot of moss is tough enough to protect itself in the harshest of climates.
Tangerine Beach
Mandarin Beach
Dragon Beach
Great Dragon Road
Other Item Icon - MS.png Rainbow shell
031 Wood Icon - MS.png Gold Sneakbug
Gold Sneakbug - Battle.png
Some monsters have no class. This one spends all day rolling around in piles of money. All it takes is one good hit to knock the spare change out of its pockets.
Quinoa Plain Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Gold shoes
032 Wood Icon - MS.png Spriggan
Spriggan - Battle.png
Notable because of its massive, treelike hair, this spooky tree fairy wanders through the forests, challenging anyone whose hair looks better than its own.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Purple frog
033 Wood Icon - MS.png Sneakbug
Sneakbug - Battle.png
Anger this aromatic beast, and it will release a stink unlike anything you have ever known...unless you've ever worn the same socks for more than a week.
Quinoa Plain Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Hiking shoes
034 Wood Icon - MS.png Cuddlemunk
Cuddlemunk - Battle.png
This monster is cute! So cute, in fact, that it is impossible to resist giving it a tickle. Once it has lured you in, the coldhearted predator pounces!
Quinoa Plain Healing Item Icon - MS.png Baobab sap
035 Wood Icon - MS.png Floranha
Floranha - Battle.png
This strange fish developed the ability to swim in air after its natural environment dried up.
Carbonara Jungle Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Lucky studs
036 Wood Icon - MS.png Spiny nut
Spiny nut - Battle.png
Just a newborn, this spiky little creature deserves every chance to survive in this cruel world. Fortunately, It's tough enough that it doesn't need much help.
Carbonara Jungle Healing Item Icon - MS.png Baobab sap
037 Wood Icon - MS.png Crocobusker
Crocobusker - Battle.png
Some may say it's impossible to rock out with a ukulele, but the crockobusker laughs at its doubters. It rocks the Ukulele like none hath rocked it before.
Carbonara Jungle Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Ukulele
038 Wood Icon - MS.png Elder beetle
Elder beetle - Battle.png
The elder beetle wears its magnificent horn as proudly as a jewel-encrusted tiara. Don't call it a cockroach. It's very sensitive about that.
Carbonara Jungle Healing Item Icon - MS.png Baobab sap
039 Wood Icon - MS.png Poor thing
Poor thing - Battle.png
The poor thing has no money and cannot afford to replace its tattered threads. It uses its bombs to stave off the cold of winter.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Other Item Icon - MS.png Rusty screw
040 Wood Icon - MS.png Swinger
Swinger - Battle.png
This angry simian flings gummy frogs faster than anyone around. Those gummy frogs might look soft, but at those speeds, they pack quite a wallop.
Carbonara Jungle Body Item Icon - MS.png Frog shirt
041 Wood Icon - MS.png Goateesaur
Goateesaur - Battle.png
This monster will dazzle you with its hilarious moves. That is, until you break its horn--then the beast's confidence deflates like a sad balloon.
Carbonara Jungle Healing Item Icon - MS.png Baobab sap
042 Wood Icon - MS.png Stabby nut
Stabby nut - Battle.png
This little monster is wrapped in a nutty, yet strangely delicious, outer shell. It will feebly swat you with a spiky stick, doing little more than annoying you.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Striped frog
043 Wood Icon - MS.png Trilobiter
Trilobiter - Battle.png
The trilobiter is a master of disguise. Sadly, it emits a fruity, citrusy, and yet intensely gut-wrenching stench that completely ruins any attempt at hiding.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Yellow ooze
044 Wood Icon - MS.png Bwahahaboon
Bwahahaboon - Battle.png
This strange baboon likes nothing more than a good laugh. You could drop a spoon, and it would laugh itself into a coma. It's especially good for one's self-esteem.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Jam Item Icon - MS.png Nut spread
045 Wood Icon - MS.png Forest eel
Forest eel - Battle.png
This obnoxious beast wanders the forest, lecturing others about their scandalous clothes and bad attitudes and how they're too lazy to chase after adventurers.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Fuchsia frog
046 Wood Icon - MS.png Woodschrank
Woodschrank - Battle.png
The woodschrank considers itself the guardian of the forest. It gladly skewers anyone who dares to threaten the sanctity of the grove with sharp wooden lance.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Lime frog
047 Wood Icon - MS.png Leafwich
Leafwich - Battle.png
It's a leaf. It's a sandwich. It's both!
The Holy Tree Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
048 Wood Icon - MS.png Weed devil
Weed devil - Battle.png
This garden-variety weed has a terribly bad disposition. No matter how many times you step on it, it keeps coming back for more. And more. And more.
Path of Five Organs Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Grudge ball
049 Wood Icon - MS.png Scarecrow
Scarecrow - Battle.png
Having grown bored of its traditional role as guardian of the wheat field, this scarecrow has decided to abandon the farm and see the world.
Couscous Ruins Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Lucky clover
050 Wood Icon - MS.png Jamari
Jamari - Battle.png
The jamari smells like a meadow of flowers after a rainy day. However, no matter how hectic your life may seem, do not stop to smell the jamaris.
Sugarleaf Plains Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Holy incense
051 Wood Icon - MS.png Grample
Grample - Battle.png
Behold its magnificent beard! If beards were a source of profound magical power, this beast would be able to warp the fabric of reality itself.
Chromagar Cave Arms Item Icon - MS.png Thorn bangle
052 Wood Icon - MS.png Fallwich
Fallwich - Battle.png
It is a very sad sandwich made of very sad, wistful leaves.
Glissini Caves Tail Item Icon - MS.png Dethorn tail
053 Wood Icon - MS.png Treehemoth
Treehemoth - Battle.png
This wrathful stump has been possessed by the spirit of a chopped-down tree. It's more like a tree zombie, and chlorophyll is not what it hungers for.
Glissini Caves Head Item Icon - MS.png Misty cap
054 Wood Icon - MS.png Gnocchalien
Gnocchalien - Battle.png
The gnocchalien thrives in moist, earthy places. This might explain why a sapling has started to grow out of its forehead. Some people call it the "head gardener."
Glissini Caves Head Item Icon - MS.png Self circlet
193 Wood Icon - MS.png Totem bomb
Totem bomb - Battle.png
Like all things annoying, this road-blocking bot comes courtesy of the astro pirates. Get near it, and the crazy thing will hop on you and blow itself up!
Carbonara Jungle Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Totem studs
195 Wood Icon - MS.png Mugwort
Mugwort - Battle.png
Although he's a deputy police chief in Bena Rikashi, he got this one-day job because he didn't mind massaging the chief's shoulders. It's not a glamorous job.
Honey Mint None
205 Wood Icon - MS.png Holy sapling
Holy sapling - Battle.png
Farina raised this gigantic and bloodthirsty tree from a sapling, nurturing it on a steady diet of villagers.
The Holy Tree Arms Item Icon - MS.png Garden mitts
226 Wood Icon - MS.png Elder tree
Elder tree - Battle.png
Long ago, the elder tree's seeds gave birth to the planets. Its great, gigantic flowers will bloom until the end of time...or a really huge giant picks them.
Glissini Caves None
233 Wood Icon - MS.png Spiky nut
Spiky nut - Battle.png
This rare monster wriggles out of its rock-hard shell once a century. It's lazy and in poor shape, but the beast's shell protects it from most attacks.
Figurine None
240 Wood Icon - MS.png Whimsy salad
Whimsy salad - Battle.png
This is another sad tale of cooking gone wrong. A chef accidentally created this monster when trying to make lasagna. The secret ingredient? Cream of evil.
Figurine None
245 Wood Icon - MS.png Dance machine
Dance machine - Battle.png
This ferocious dancing machine believes that life is a battlefield and the battlefield is the dance floor!
Figurine Arms Item Icon - MS.png Towel

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 木属星 Wood starsign
Flag of France.svg French Bois Wood
Flag of Germany.svg German Holz Wood
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Legno Wood
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Madera Wood

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