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Wind is a magic affinity in Magical Starsign. It is a support-based attribute with strong magic damage, able to halve enemies' stats with the dizzy ailment, or incrementally restore allies' hit points with the heal status. When cast from the back row, wind magic directs 60% of the total damage to enemies in the front row, while 20% is dealt to the back. Lassi and Nogg have wind affinity, gaining aura when Puffoon is in its region of the astrolog.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Wind Icon - MS.png Wind talon 9 30 Front focus 5% chance of dizzy
Wind Icon - MS.png Healing wing 100% Shared Restores allies' HP relative to MP consumed, divided by no. of allies
Wind Icon - MS.png Falcon dive 50 130 Front focus 20% chance of dizzy
Wind Icon - MS.png Mother's nest 60 Shared Applies heal
Wind Icon - MS.png Pteranodon 80 300 Front focus 5% chance of dizzy
Egg character
Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Wind Icon - MS.png Pelican egg 70 Shared Restores allies' HP, 50% chance to buff agility by 20%

Enemies[edit | edit source]

# Name Sprite Description Level Habitat Drops
055 Wind Icon - MS.png Choker
Choker - Battle.png
What's cuter than a fuzzy, little kitty? A fuzzy, little kitty riding on a big, fluffy cloud! How precious! Unless, of course, it's trying to destroy you. Which it is.
Magic Academy (Amigo Dungeon) Jam Item Icon - MS.png Lemon jam
056 Wind Icon - MS.png Skylancer
Skylancer - Battle.png
Rider and steed move together with the understated grace of a one-man band. Their combination attacks dazzle and damage anyone close enough to see them.
Magic Academy (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Khaki frog
057 Wind Icon - MS.png Funguroach
Funguroach - Battle.png
This filthy insect is covered with a slimy mold. Clean freaks are advised to bolt when the funguroach is around, as it has no conception at all of personal hygiene.
Great Dragon Road
Tangerine Beach
Mandarin Beach
Dragon Beach
Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Ice cube
058 Wind Icon - MS.png Rairbit
Rairbit - Battle.png
Much like the increasingly uncommon yeti, the rairbit makes a great pet and seldom attacks people. Unlike the yeti, however, rairbits can be housebroken.
Quinoa Plain Battle Item Icon - MS.png Sugarstar
059 Wind Icon - MS.png Anisoptera
Anisoptera - Battle.png
Nobody knows how this fossilized dragon-fly can remain airborne when its wings--and indeed, its entire body--are made entirely of stone.
Quinoa Plain Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Headband
060 Wind Icon - MS.png Slashback
Slashback - Battle.png
Don't let the rubber ducky fool you. On its squeaky haunches rides a vicious, cold-blooded monster intent on introducing you to its hatchet.
Quinoa Plain Arms Item Icon - MS.png Bronze ring
061 Wind Icon - MS.png Boomeranger
Boomeranger (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
The boomeranger's face bears the scar of a tragic boomerang accident. Though it is quite spiteful because of the scar, its dedication to the craft remains admirable.
Carbonara Jungle Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
062 Wind Icon - MS.png Airpony
Airpony - Battle.png
The airpony is a hunter, first and foremost, riding high in the sky and looking for prey. This makes it into a valuable soldier.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Salmon frog
063 Wind Icon - MS.png Hybrena
Hybrena - Battle.png
These two monsters are literally joined at the hip! Like all couples, they often want to pursue individual interests. Too bad for them. That's not happening.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Choco frog
064 Wind Icon - MS.png Happiloon
Happiloon - Battle.png
This dainty critter catches the wind with its parasol and floats through the air. This pastime can be costly, as it gets a lot of tickets from the Space Police.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Yellow frog
065 Wind Icon - MS.png Wanderanger
Wanderanger (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
This monster is a master boomerang thrower. It's spent its whole life looking for the one that got away. The boomerang, that is.
Ships' Graveyard Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
066 Wind Icon - MS.png Mistral
Mistral (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
The cloud part of the mistral is made of marshmallow, on which the cat secretly feeds. The adorable kitten on its back is, in fact, a horrible parasitic abomination.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Thunder bomb
067 Wind Icon - MS.png Feather vane
Feather vane - Battle.png
The feather vane spins in the slightest breeze, leaving it, more often than not, confused and unsure of its surroundings.
Couscous Ruins Arms Item Icon - MS.png Spinel ring
068 Wind Icon - MS.png Pandemon
Pandemon - Battle.png
The pandemon spent its life dreaming of being a pop star. When its dreams failed, it went into marketing and lost its soul, spreading evil to its target demographic.
Couscous Ruins Body Item Icon - MS.png Dark robe
069 Wind Icon - MS.png Shyclone
Shyclone - Battle.png
While the tornado it rides looks quite menacing, it also serves to hide this monster from the world. The poor thing suffers from an incredible shyness.
Couscous Ruins Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Grudge ball
070 Wind Icon - MS.png Horus
Horus - Battle.png
This king of the birds adores his subjects, singing songs and, at times kissing them. Sometimes, he eats them. His subjects are justifiably paranoid when he comes by.
Couscous Ruins Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Sparrow wings
071 Wind Icon - MS.png Manmoo rider
Manmoo rider - Battle.png
The manmoo rider dreams of finding a legendary bronco and breaking it. Until that time, it is content to ride the plains on the back of this unsettling beast.
Sugarleaf Plains Healing Item Icon - MS.png Blue frog
072 Wind Icon - MS.png Condemned
Condemned - Battle.png
Also known as the overreactor, this monster is feared by all for its ability to blow things out of proportions. Watch out! It can make a mountain out of a molehill.
Cocoabutter Valley Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Grudge ball
073 Wind Icon - MS.png Haroeris
Haroeris - Battle.png
This strange bird has lips instead of a beak. That alone is disturbing, but to top things off, when it sneezes, it kicks up a terrible and mucousy tornado.
Chromagar Cave Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Heaven boots
074 Wind Icon - MS.png Clockwork goat
Clockwork goat - Battle.png
Its tail serves as the key to wind up its spring. Because it never truly tires, the clockwork goat makes a good watchgoat. But don't forget to wind it up at night!
Glissini Caves Other Item Icon - MS.png Bang berry
075 Wind Icon - MS.png Gazellebear
Gazellebear - Battle.png
Although the gazellebear boasts powerful claws that can tear through anything, its hidden shame is that it needs a weekly manicure to keep its claws in good shape.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Puce frog
076 Wind Icon - MS.png Short-fuser
Short-fuser - Battle.png
If the short-fuser gets mad, the tornado it rides swells to mammoth proportions. It's like a cake baking in the oven, except that it's terrifying instead of delicious.
Glissini Caves Jam Item Icon - MS.png Lemon jam
077 Wind Icon - MS.png Whimsy bolt
Whimsy bolt - Battle.png
This weather vane goes wherever the wind blows, never showing any interest in the things around it. It can't even be relied on to show the wind direction accurately.
Glissini Caves Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Misty boots
078 Wind Icon - MS.png Balloonfish
Balloonfish - Battle.png
Ages ago, the first balloonfish swelled up to intimidate an attacking parakeet shark. Its descendants never managed to return to its normal size.
Glissini Caves Tail Item Icon - MS.png Undizzy tail
079 Wind Icon - MS.png Dust punisher
Dust punisher - Battle.png
The dust punisher is on a mission to clean everything in sight, including your clock!
Glissini Caves Jam Item Icon - MS.png Lemon jam
209 Wind Icon - MS.png Pourri
Pourri - Battle.png
As the chief of the Space Police in Bena Rikashi, Brie Pourri possesses unrivaled leadership skills, although she does question the decisions made by the brass.
Couscous Ruins Arms Item Icon - MS.png Airy sleeves
229 Wind Icon - MS.png Monocorn
Monocorn - Battle.png
Its big body and useless wings may seem funny, but consider the tragedy of its situation: the monocorn weeps itself to sleep with impossible dreams of flight.
Figurine Head Item Icon - MS.png Antenna
231 Wind Icon - MS.png Nimbus
Nimbus - Battle.png
This cloud creature heralds the coming of winter. He has never known the pleasures of a warm summer day, which explains why his heart is so very cold.
Figurine None
239 Wind Icon - MS.png Storm judge
Storm judge - Battle.png
Guardian of the tempests themselves, this creature judges according to its own rules. When it's having a bad day, everyone is guilty!
Figurine Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Fringe beads
249 Wind Icon - MS.png Wind master
Wind master - Battle.png
This master of the winds grew up with the breeze in her hair. She's become very close friends with the wind. Now, with just a word, she can call on a hurricane.
Figurine Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Bath set
255 Wind Icon - MS.png Macadameus
Macadameus - Battle.png
This master of martial arts lives a hermit's life. He has fought every battle a hundred times in his head before the first blow ever lands. Handle with care.
Quinoa Plain Key Item Icon - MS.png Warrior's nose

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 風属星 Wind starsign
Flag of France.svg French Vent Wind
Flag of Germany.svg German Wind Wind
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Vento Wind
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Viento Wind

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are 31 enemy types with wind affinity, making it the least represented element in the game.

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