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This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Romhacking.net. Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.
This article is about the elemental spirits in Magical Vacation. For the magic defense statistic, see spirit (statistic).

Spirits are a gameplay mechanic in Magical Vacation. They are elemental forces of nature which serve to increase magic damage. Sixteen different spirits are utilized in the game, though in canon, an infinitude of spirits and respective realms exist for every known concept in the universe.[1] Magicians can befriend spirits by offering coins, items, or meeting certain criteria.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Main article: Combat in Magical Vacation#Spirits and elements

Some areas in the game are filled with spirits of numerous elements, and having a certain amount of spirits is necessary to enter sealed rooms within these locations. Spirit recruitment is an optional task with no major influence on the story, as is entering the sealed rooms, but having few spirits in the party will make combat significantly harder. Furthermore, some spirits' locations change based on which element is chosen at the start of the game. When the player recruits their first spirit in the starting area of Mimolette Forest, it replaces the seventh spirit of that element which shows up in the Pyramid.[2]

List of spirits[edit | edit source]

Toasty[edit | edit source]

Toasty is the fire spirit, used by Kirsche Pintail. They are disguised as candles and can be recruited with ignis coins. Fire spells balance high base power and various area coverage.

Gusty[edit | edit source]

Gusty is the wind spirit, used by Candy Mintblue and Ricebird. They are disguised as feathers and can be recruited with ventus coins. Wind spells have wide areas of effect, and can boost allies' agility using mach nine.

Gloomy[edit | edit source]

Gloomy is the poison spirit, used by Cabernet Cheaptrick. They are disguised as potion bottles and can be recruited with deparalyze tails. Although poison spells are weak in base power, they can inflict the poison ailment to chip off fixed amounts of enemies' hit points each turn.

Pretty[edit | edit source]

Pretty is the beauty spirit, used by Cider Rainbow. They are disguised as mirrors and can be recruited with decor coins, but only if the party discards every gummy worm on-hand. Pretties also threaten to leave if the party catches too many gummy worms outside of battle. Beauty spells are primarily single-target with a chance to inflict paralysis, and can dispel status ailments using white rose.

Edgy[edit | edit source]

Edgy is the blade spirit, used by Cassis Lumberyard. They are disguised as sword and can be recruited with gladius coins, but only if the party discards all gummy frogs they own before hand. However, Cassis can retrieve the gummy frogs if he is present for the recruitment. Blade spells are single-target and possess incredibly high base power, but can only target enemies in the front row.

Catchy[edit | edit source]

Catchy is the sound spirit, used by Arancia Scorenote and Dodo. They are disguised as music notes and can be recruited with vox coins. If Arancia is present for the recruitment, and the party owns a small ocarina, Catchies slightly reduce their asking price. Sound spells can put enemies to sleep, and also buff allies' spirit using spirit's march.

Rocky[edit | edit source]

Rocky is the stone spirit, used by Chocolat Cracks and Pucine the 4th. They are disguised as boulders and can be recruited with blue frogs, but only appear if a certain amount of gummy worms have been caught outside of battle. Boasting high base power, stone spells have various area coverage and can buff allies' defense using fluorite. Some stone spells exclusive to enemies can inflict petrification.

Antsy[edit | edit source]

Antsy is the insect spirit, used by Sesame Ashpot and Chappy. They are disguised as a swarm of flies and can be recruited with yellow worms, but are only visible if the party owns a magnifying glass. With high single-target spells, insect magic has the chance to debuff enemies' power, reducing the strength of physical attacks.

Sticky[edit | edit source]

Sticky is the wood spirit, used by Pistachio Maplewood and Bachelard. They are disguised as fallen branches and can be recruited with pinecone, but only appear if a certain amount of pinecones have been picked up. Despite having weaker spells, wood magic debuffs enemies' spirit, making them more susceptible to magic attacks.

Furry[edit | edit source]

Furry is the beast spirit, used by Olive Tearclown. They are disguised as paw prints and can be recruited with unstun tails. Beast spells are most single-target and can buff allies' power using lion power.

Rainy[edit | edit source]

Rainy is the water spirit, used by Blueberry Lakeside. They are disguised as puddles and can be recruited with aqua coins. Water spells utilize horizonal areas of effect, with the chance to debuff enemies' defense.

Zappy[edit | edit source]

Zappy is the thunder spirit, used by Lemon Airsupply. They are disguised as light bulbs and can be recruited with tonitrus coins. Thunder spells focus on square and vertical area coverage, sometimes inflicting enemies with numbness.

Early[edit | edit source]

Early is the ancient spirit, used by Latte Rustynail and Pot. They are disguised as gears and can be recruited with antiqua coins. With balanced area coverage, ancient spells can debuff enemies' agility, making them act slower in battle.

Inky[edit | edit source]

Inky is the dark spirit, used by Ganache Nighthawk and Pooka. They are disguised as skulls and can be recruited by winning challenge battles, only appearing when a certain amount of gummy frogs have been caught. Dark spells are strong against the above thirteen elements and high in base power, able to drain enemies' magic points.

Holy[edit | edit source]

Holy is the light spirit, used by Brown. They are disguised as sparkles and can be recruited if the party has befriended few dark spirits. Otherwise, they disappear forever. Light spells offer high base power with expensive MP costs, and may inflict enemies with blind to reduce physical attack accuracy.

Charity[edit | edit source]

Charity is the love spirit, used by Peche and Gummy Frog. They are disguised as hearts and can be recruited if the party abstains from catching gummy frogs outside of battle. Love spells are purely supportive, assisting allies by restoring HP, MP, and even buffing MP%.

Recommended order[edit | edit source]

Due to some spirits having conflicting views on what the player should and should not own, a certain order must be followed for 100% completion.

  • Avoid catching or purchasing gummy frogs at all costs until all seven love spirits are recruited.
  • Avoid challenging dark spirits until all seven light spirits are recruited (see below for details).
  • Catch as many gummy worms as possible to make stone spirits appear, then use the gummy worms to befriend insect spirits.
    • Do not recruit any beauty spirits until all stone and insect spirits are on the team.
  • After fighting Gershwin in the Toptoh Mines, Cabernet will join the party. There are certain spirits around the Light Realm that hide in areas guarded by immovable gummy frogs, but with Cabernet's special power, he can make them move around. The following spirits are blocked by immovable gummy frogs:
  • Once all love spirits are recruited, there is no consequence for catching gummy frogs. These are needed to find dark spirits.
    • The first dark spirits that should be recruited is dark spirit 7 (1000 gummy frogs caught) in Tuoekat. Once it is obtained, the player can grind to master light magic for Yekrut where light spirit 7 is.
    • Light spirit 7 only allows the player to have 1 dark spirit recruited, which will be the one found in Tuoekat. After befriending it, the player is free to challenge the six remaining dark spirits.
  • If at least three dark spirits have been recruited, the following spirits hidden behind sealed doors with Inky emblems become accessible:
    • Blade spirit 1 = Cold Honey Palace
    • Wood spirit 7 = Pyramid 10 (Catchy Door → Antsy Door → Pretty Door → Zappy Door → Inky Door)
    • Wind spirit 7 = Pyramid 10 (Catchy Door → Antsy Door → Inky Door → Gusty Door → Edgy Door)
    • Sound spirit 7 = Pyramid 10 (Catchy Door → Antsy Door → Inky Door → Toasty Door → Holy Door)

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 精霊 Spirit

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