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Pyramid Gallery
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The Pyramid[a] is a dungeon in the Abyssal Realm in Magical Vacation. It is the dwelling of ohm zaneil, a mummified magician who oversees the entire realm and maintains its natural order.

Spirits[edit | edit source]

Spirits in the Pyramid are locked behind Spirit Doors. These doors can only be opened if the player has recruited at least three spirits of a certain type; for example, a Spirit Door with a symbol of Toasty above it requires three Toasties on the team.[1]

# Location Request Conditions/Notes
Toasty Symbol.png Fire 7 Pyramid 10 Coin Icon - MV.png Ignis coin x40 Catchy Door → Antsy Door → Pretty Door → Rainy Door → Gloomy Door
Gusty Symbol.png Wind 5 Pyramid 10 Coin Icon - MV.png Ventus coin x40 Catchy Door → Antsy Door → Inky Door → Gusty Door → Edgy Door
Gloomy Symbol.png Poison 6 Pyramid 7 Tail Icon - MV.png Unstun tail x80 Sticky Door → Gloomy Door
Edgy Symbol.png Blade 6 Pyramid 9 Coin Icon - MV.png Gladius coin x20 Edgy Door → Gloomy Door → Holy Door → Sticky Door → Charity Door
Catchy Symbol.png Sound 6 Pyramid 10 Coin Icon - MV.png Vox coin x20 (10 with small ocarina) Catchy Door → Antsy Door → Inky Door → Toasty Door → Holy Door
Rocky Symbol.png Stone 7 Pyramid 12 Healing Item Icon - MV.png Blue frog x40 Edgy Door → Gloomy Door → Charity Door → Rocky Door → Gusty Door
Catch 500 gummy worms
Antsy Symbol.png Insect 7 Pyramid 7 Healing Item Icon - MV.png Yellow worm x40 Sticky Door → Antsy Door
Sticky Symbol.png Wood 7 Pyramid 8 Coin Icon - MV.png Pinecone x50 Catchy Door → Antsy Door → Pretty Door → Zappy Door → Inky Door
Pick up 300 or more pinecones
Furry Symbol.png Beast 7 Pyramid 4 Tail Icon - MV.png Deparalyze tail x80 Rocky Door → Furry Door
Rainy Symbol.png Water 6 Pyramid 9 Coin Icon - MV.png Aqua coin x30 Edgy Door → Gloomy Door → Charity Door → Zappy Door → Catchy Door
Zappy Symbol.png Thunder 7 Pyramid 9 Coin Icon - MV.png Tonitrus coin x21 Edgy Door → Gloomy Door → Holy Door → Rainy Door → Early Door
Early Symbol.png Ancient 6 Pyramid 4 Coin Icon - MV.png Antiqua coin x14 Rocky Door → Early Door
Charity Symbol.png Love 7 Pyramid 9 Edgy Door → Gloomy Door → Charity Door → Zappy Door
Caught or purchased 0 gummy frogs

Enemies[edit | edit source]

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Items[edit | edit source]

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Since all enemies in the Pyramid are stone-element, it is recommended that Arancia is on the team and knows the spell spirit's waltz. Moreover, these enemies possess the stone spells three eyes and petrify, which can inflict petrification on party members, and even cause a Game Over if everyone is petrified.

To open up the main corridor to ohm zaneil's chamber, the party must feed gummy frogs of specific colors to the guarding Terracotta Pots. Below are the orders in which the Terracotta Pots must be fed:

Pyramid 1
Pyramid 8
Pyramid 12
  • Reval (right): blue frog
  • Elak (middle): green frog
  • Oyam (left): blue frog

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Japanese: ピラミッド, Hepburn: Piramiddo

References[edit | edit source]

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