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The party of Magical Starsign.

The party is the main group of playable characters in Magical Starsign. In the game, there are six main party members, while the other seven are egg characters obtained through Tag Mode.

List of party members[edit | edit source]

Protagonist[edit | edit source]

The protagonist can either be assigned the light affinity or dark affinity. Light magic utilizes high damage, protection against both physical and magical attacks, and inexpensive healing. Dark magic is more focused on damage, with spells that absorb HP, negate HP restoration with curse, and apply buffs and debuffs at random.

Lassi[edit | edit source]

Lassi is a user of wind magic. Being the designated support character, her healing can both restore HP in high quantities, and apply effects that incrementally restore HP. As for her offensive spells, their multi-target coverage prioritizes enemies standing in the front row, and can halve their stats by making them dizzy. She has the greatest MP pool of every character, plus her high agility lets her act quickly in battle.

Mokka[edit | edit source]

Mokka is a user of earth magic. He possesses great physical defense and HP, allowing him to withstand heavy melee attacks. His magic, although not as strong as most other elements, can immobilize enemies with the stone ailment. He can also increase allies' stats by up to 15% when their HP is high.

Sorbet[edit | edit source]

Sorbet is a user of water magic. Her high IQ and spirit stats let her dish out powerful magic attacks, while also having high resistance to them. Water magic can seal enemies' spells with the cold ailment, and distribution is random when cast from the back row. It even helps the party by dispelling ailments, while reducing the impact of magic attacks as well.

Pico[edit | edit source]

Pico is a user of fire magic. A mixed physical and magic attacker, Pico is able to deal major damage with his purely offensive affinity, but is highly susceptible to damage. His spells have a slight chance to scorch enemies, depriving them of turns. He can also buff allies' stats by up to 30% when their HP is low.

Chai[edit | edit source]

Chai is a user of wood magic. His spells help mitigate the damage of melee attacks, while buffing allies' defense and spirit. Furthermore, his offensive spells can inflict thorny, an ailment that chips off enemies' HP every turn. Having incredible MP% and spirit, Chai can tank magic attacks and quickly recover MP to support the team.

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