Masala Chai Village

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Masala Chai Village (マサラティ村, Masarati-mura, lit. Masala Tea Village) is a hamlet in Magical Vacation. It is found in the north-most regions of the Dark Realm, just east of Spollacs Swamp Edge.

Geography[edit | edit source]

South of the village is the a small dock with a couple of barrel boats. By boarding a barrel boat, the party can sail across the lake to either Ice Island, or the section of Spollacs Swamp Edge bordering Tapioca Tea Village.

History[edit | edit source]

Magical Vacation[edit | edit source]

Masala Chai Village is home to a community of canins. They are lead by Chief Ginger, who tries to keep his daughter Cinnamon away from another canin named Mace. When Mace was young, his parents died from a contagious illness known as the Ooze Fever, which can only be cured with the powder of an Icy Seed. His parents could have received proper treatment, but none of the villagers wanted to find an Icy Seed in Gelato Cave after their previous chief went inside and was slaughtered by the Hailcrab.

Instead of admitting to their cowardice, the canins blamed Mace for his parents' deaths by accusing him of being a demon carrying the Ooze Fever. Mace was then forced to live in a cottage on the outskirts of Masala Chai Village. Despite all the accusations surrounding Mace, Cinnamon would ignore her father's warnings and frequently visit the lonely canin.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Item Price Effect
Green Frog 20 Recovers 30 HP
Blue Frog 100 Recovers 100 HP
Yellow Worm 100 Recovers 50 MP
Depoison Tail 20 Removes Poisoned status
Unstun Tail 30 Removes Numb status
Deparalyze Tail 60 Removes Paralyzed status
Wakey Tail 100 Revives 1 friend at half max. HP
Fencing Mask 1800 +3 POW, +5 DEF
Platinum Ring 3200 +4 SPR, +2 MP%
Lizard Mail 6200 +2 POW, +8 DEF
Elf Shoes 1000 +2 AGI, +1 MP%
Jade Studs 2800 +5 SPR, +3 MP%
Rose Quartz 2500 -
Papaya 25 -
Yellow Mica 1000 -
Sheep's Gut 600 -

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