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"I missed? But Magnus Muzzleflash never misses! Gotta shake off the rust from those years behind bars. Bwa ha ha ha ha!"

Magnus Muzzleflash, known in Japan as Kijika Roguma, is a boss character in Magical Starsign. He is a soldier and infamous gunman working for the Space Police, and has faced imprisonment for war crimes.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

He is fairly egotistical, proclaiming he never misses despite having terrible accuracy, and often referring to himself in the third person. He is destructive and uncaring, even firing upon the weak or his own allies if they are in his way.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Muzzleflash is very muscular and has four arms. His skin is blue, and he wears steel-plated armor over his body that was supposedly crafted by the dwarves of Razen. Two cannons are attached to his glider.[1]

Boss[edit | edit source]

Muzzleflash has fire affinity, receiving an aura when Razen is in alignment. He has the spell heat fondu, dealing damage to all members of the party with the potential to cause them to become scorched. He also has the spell blazing cannon, which strikes only a single member with a 75% chance of inflicting scorch. In addition, he possesses the neutral spell celestial swap, allowing him to manipulate the alignment of planets to his advantage. He will most often use the physical skill blood rage, dealing damage to a single party member. 35% of the time that he is attacked, he will use counterattack, which strikes his attacker in retaliation.[1][2]

Stats[edit | edit source]

# Name Magical Starsign - Level Symbol.png Magical Starsign - HP Symbol.png Magical Starsign - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Starsign - Intelligence Symbol.png IQ Magical Starsign - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Starsign - Spirit Symbol.png Spr Magical Starsign - Agility Symbol.png Agi
208 Fire Icon - MS.png Muzzleflash 39 22000 52 40 32 32 72
Habitat P. RST M. RST Bira Icon - MS.png Bira EXP Drops
Erd Icon.png Path of Five Organs 100% 100% 15000 70 Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Loincloth

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Spells Skills
Fire Icon - MS.png Heat fondu
Fire Icon - MS.png Blazing cannon
Neutral Icon - MS.png Celestial swap
Skill Icon - MS.png Blood rage
Skill Icon - MS.png Counterattack

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

English[edit | edit source]

Muzzleflash is a reckless fighter, notorious for gunning down friend and foe alike. After his last battle, he was imprisoned for the safety of the galaxy.

Japanese[edit | edit source]

味方もまきこんで 大暴れする性格から 味方殺しとも よばれている。 そのハガネの肉体には ブキも歯がたたず けいばつをうけずに 開じこめられていた。

Because of his tendency to go on huge rampages, even with allies present, he became known as an ally-killer. His steel body is so strong that no weapon can pierce it, and he was locked up without any punishment.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Some time before the events of the game, Magnus Muzzleflash took part in a battle in which he rained fire upon both his allies and enemies. As punishment for his unruly gunmanship, he was sent to prison and labeled an ally-killer, but received little penalty for his crimes.

Magical Starsign[edit | edit source]

Muzzleflash was reinstated into the Space Police by Abalon Demar, whose job was at stake, under orders to subdue the students of Will-o'-Wisp Academy and find the earth millennium gummy on Erd. He later appeared at Ships' Graveyard, ordering a unit of troopers to stop the party as they tried to find the earth gummy. He was shocked upon realizing that his targets were young magicians, but assured the other policemen that no one, not even children, would be shown mercy. The six students' journey through Erd was interrupted yet again when they arrived at Plateau of the Giant, bumping into another handful of troopers in front of an abandoned hangar. Before they could engage in combat, Muzzleflash dropped explosives between the two parties, blaming his rusty aim on the years he spent behind bars. The troopers fled as Muzzleflash carelessly shot at the students until he ran out of ammo; luckily, every shot missed, so he flew off to reload.

Entering the hangar, the students boarded a flying contraption over the desert and onto Uponisbak, a town upon the back of Tektos the stone giant. Just as they were about to set foot in the Path of Five Organs, more Space Policemen flew in only to be bombarded by Muzzleflash's bombs. This gave the students time to sneak through Tektos's innards, reaching his skull where they met Shallot the brownie. As they discussed Nova and the etherealization process, they took notice of Muzzleflash and his crew lurking outside of Tektos. While Shallot urged the students to stay hidden, Tektos encouraged the contrary, to which the students unleashed wild magic to make his skull echo. Descending unto Tektos's cheek, Muzzleflash clashed with the students but ultimately lost. Just then, his allies received word of strong gummy energy coming from Kahve Ruins, assuming the earth gummy may be inside. As the troops were about to leave, Muzzleflash prepared to ram himself through Tektos's body. This made Shallot fear for the worst, seeing as Muzzleflash's armor was crafted by dwarves using techniques left behind by Craaken. Tektos retaliated by charging a laser in his mouth, and by borrowing earth power from Mokka, it was strong enough to completely vaporize Muzzleflash. The gunman's impenetrable armor fell into the sand along with Tektos, who ordered Shallot to give the students his soul, the earth millennium gummy, while his body crumbled.[1]

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

His first name, Magnus, means "great" in Latin. His surname, Muzzleflash comes from muzzle flash, the light emitted by the barrel of a firearm when being discharged.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese キジカ・ログマ Kijika Roguma, from カジキマグロ kajikimaguro (swordfish/marlin)
Flag of France.svg French Ivan Blanquette Ivan Blanquette, from blanquette de veau
Flag of Germany.svg German Felix Feuersturm Felix Firestorm
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Gran Muzzle Great Muzzle
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Muso Magnus Muso Magnus

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Japanese version of the game, he says "I'm gonna go on a rampage!!" (暴れまくってやるぜ Abaremakutte yaru ze) at the start of battle. This voice line was removed internationally.

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