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This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.

The magic notebook[a] is a key item in Magical Vacation. It is a special journal that automatically records important information. New entries are obtained through story progression, and by talking to certain NPCs.

Entries[edit | edit source]

All entries at Valencia Beach are missable, and cannot be learned after the enigma abduction event.[1]

Magic types[edit | edit source]

  • Where to learn: Comes with the magic notebook
  • Condition: None

The types of magic are fire, wind, poison, beauty, blade, sound, stone, insect, wood, beast, water, thunder, ancient, dark, light, and love. For each of the 16 magic types, there are 7 spells.

About HP[edit | edit source]

HP is hit points, and represents one’s own strength against attacks. As damage is taken, it gradually depletes, and you cannot fight when it hits 0. It can be recovered at inns or with gummy frogs.

About MP[edit | edit source]

MP is magic points, which decrease by casting magic. The stronger the spell, the more MP it uses. It can be recovered at inns or with gummy worms.

About power[edit | edit source]

The greater your Pow value, the more damage you deal to enemies with kicks, punches, etc. Can be upgraded by equipping items.

About defense[edit | edit source]

The greater your Def value, the less damage you take from enemies’ physical attacks. Can be upgraded by equipping items.

About agility[edit | edit source]

The greater your Agi value, the sooner your action will come. Increase your Agi if you want to preemptively attack enemies. Can be upgraded by equipping items.

About spirit[edit | edit source]

The greater your Spr value, the less damage you take from enemies’ magic attacks. Can be upgraded by equipping items.

About MP%[edit | edit source]

During battle, MP is recovered by MP% at the end of each turn. If this value is big, you can use magic continuously without relying on inns or recovery items.

Kick and punch[edit | edit source]

Kicks and punches do not use MP, so it is best to use them when you are short on MP, or when you want to use a large amount of MP on your next turn. Kicks and punches only reach enemies in the front row.

Elemental EXP and magic[edit | edit source]

When using magic, you earn magic EXP according to your own element. When your magic EXP value reaches a certain amount, your magic level rises, and new spells can be used depending on the level.

Befriending spirits[edit | edit source]

Things like sticks or puddles may actually be disguised spirits when you talk to them. If you find them and meet their demands, you can befriend them.

Summoning spirits[edit | edit source]

If you befriend spirits, should you Call them in battle?? Spirits are summonable via magic. You can summon as many as you have already befriended, and up to 7 can be present at the same time in battle.

Doubling strength with spirits[edit | edit source]

If one spirit is summoned with Call magic, you can double the power of spells of that spirit’s element. Call magic uses little MP, so it is better to double power via Call magic instead of using the same spell twice.

Attacking with alike magic[edit | edit source]

If you use elemental magic on an enemy of the same element, it will deal minimal damage. E.g. Attacking a fire monster with fire magic only deals 1 damage.

About gummy frogs[edit | edit source]

Gummy frogs jump in the overworld and can be caught. They become recovery items when caught, but will appear less often if too many are caught. They hop faster when approached.

About gummy worms[edit | edit source]

Gummy worms scurry around the overworld and can be caught. They become recovery items when caught, but will appear less often if too many are caught. They retreat into holes when approached.

About tails[edit | edit source]

Depoison tails and deparalyze tails cure poison and paralysis respectively. In addition to being sold at shops, tails can also be found on the ground or in chests.

About leaves[edit | edit source]

By using Jaggy leaves or Spiny leaves, you can buff abilities like Pow or Agi by 1 point. Leaves are not sold in shops, but they are scattered on the ground, so be sure to find them.

Equipping magic[edit | edit source]

Up to 8 spells can be equipped at once. If 8 are already equipped, spells learned during battle will not be automatically set.

Equipping armor[edit | edit source]

  • Where to learn: Oturan Village
  • Condition: Talk to the item shopkeeper without buying or selling anything

Armor is useless if you just have it on-hand. When getting a new piece of gear, equip it from the menu.

Sticker resist effect[edit | edit source]

Put stickers on your body. There are 15 slots, 3 for each part of a person. Placement does not alter their effects. While wearing stickers, damage received from spells of their respective elements will be slightly reduced.

Sticker EXP effect[edit | edit source]

When wearing a sticker, the amount of magic EXP gained when using spells of the sticker's element increases. It is not noticeable with 1 seal, but you can expect a considerable boost with multiple.

Compassion sticker effect[edit | edit source]

Compassion stickers restore 1 HP at the end of each turn in battle. The amount of HP restored will increase relative to how many compassion stickers are equipped.

Action order[edit | edit source]

Agi determines the order of actions. With this in mind, you can strategically control your fights. Your strategies may change greatly whether recovery items are being used by fast or slow characters.

Formation[edit | edit source]

In battle, characters in the front are more susceptible to enemy attacks. Also, the middle is more prone than the side columns. Formation can be changed in the menu.

How to warp[edit | edit source]

Warping is done by selecting Memo - World Map in the menu. You can register destinations by talking to the warp dude. However, you cannot do it everywhere due to the warp dude’s whim.

Increasing magic EXP[edit | edit source]

Using advanced spells earns you more magic EXP. Cast your most powerful spells to learn magic quickly.

About the report card[edit | edit source]

The results of your adventures so far are recorded on the report card. The ABC grade reflects not only the win rate of battles, but also the results from Let's Battle. If you want the highest evaluation, play in Let’s Battles.

Let's Onsen[edit | edit source]

If you connect MagiVaca with a cable and turn on the power, Let's Onsen appears under Link Mode on the title screen. By entering each other’s onsen, your ability values go up. Only HP and MP recover if you enter your own spring.

Let's Battle[edit | edit source]

If you connect MagiVaca with a cable and turn on the power, Let’s Battle appears under Link Mode on the title screen. By increasing the number of matches and your win rate, you earn a title according to that rate.

Amigos' mojo[edit | edit source]

If you connect MagiVaca with a cable and turn on the power, Let’s Amigo appears under Link Mode on the title screen. Using Let’s Amigo with a friend’s character allows you to use their mojo.

Rank[edit | edit source]

Many ranks can be earned by increasing your battle record. The title is reflected in stat bonuses for all participating characters.

Magic other than your own[edit | edit source]

Only the Protagonist can learn magic beyond their own element via Let’s Amigo. By using Let’s Amigo, you can use the initial spells of the other player’s Protagonist’s element.

Spirit strengths[edit | edit source]

Spirits have super-effective relationships. When using magic, stronger spirits counteract weaker spirits and disappear. E.g., If you have a thunder-user against water, the thunder-user will be countered by the water-user.

Deciding combos[edit | edit source]

If there are characters in the party who share an element, combos can be set up wherein the faster character casts Call magic, and the slower one casts attack magic. Combos are easier to pull off with MDs.

Desert-walking[edit | edit source]

In the desert, it is best to touch the rainmakers while walking. Touching rainmakers makes it rain, allowing heat-haters to cross the desert.

Calming black sparrows[edit | edit source]

When you say “Chirp!” to black sparrows, they come closer, and when you say “Tweet!”, they take a step back. Cider is the only party member who can do this.

Learning love magic[edit | edit source]

If you use Let’s Amigo with 5 people who are the same element as you, you learn love magic. At first, there is only Call Charity, but you can level up and learn new spells if you repeatedly use it.

Learning dark magic[edit | edit source]

When you Let’s Amigo with 100 people, you learn dark magic. Upon learning it, the Protagonist’s class changes to a dark mage.

Learning light magic[edit | edit source]

If you learn every spell outside of light magic, you learn light magic. Upon learning it, the Protagonist’s class changes to a light mage.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Japanese: 魔法の手帳, Hepburn: Mahō no techō

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