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"The star of light gives magicians the ability to cast healing magic."

Light is a magic affinity in Magical Starsign. It is a mixed support and attack element, inflicting great damage that can lower physical accuracy with blind, while also utilizing barriers and inexpensive healing. When cast from the back row, light magic distributes damage equally to all enemies. The protagonist can be assigned the light affinity at the beginning of the game, and Star possesses it naturally, gaining aura when Nova is active in the daytime.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Light Icon - MS.png Arclight 7 30 Fixed 5% chance of blind
Light Icon - MS.png Crystal laser 30 90 Fixed 20% chance of blind
Light Icon - MS.png Healing light 50% Shared Restores allies' HP relative to MP consumed, divided by no. of allies
Light Icon - MS.png Prism barrier 100% Shared Applies barrier
Light Icon - MS.png Nova sword 90 350 Fixed 5% chance of blind
Egg character
Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Light Icon - MS.png Luminous egg 50% Shared Restores allies' HP, 50% chance to buff a stat by 20%
Name Strength Area Effect
Light Icon - MS.png Love shower Shared Restores 300 HP to allies
Light Icon - MS.png Paradigm shift 100 Random 6 25% chance to debuff defense

Enemies[edit | edit source]

# Name Sprite Description Level Habitat Drops
129 Light Icon - MS.png Hearty dog
Hearty dog - Battle.png
This loyal bulldog wanders around trying to make people happy. Unfortunately, his freakish appearance usually frightens them off, as does the slobber.
Mandarin Beach
Dragon Beach
Great Dragon Road
MP Recovery Item Icon - MS.png Yellow worm
130 Light Icon - MS.png Bellcharm
Bellcharm - Battle.png
This vicious monster wages the ultimate kind of psychological warfare: loud, annoying noises in the early morning. Destroy it before it destroys you.
Magic Academy (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Gold frog
131 Light Icon - MS.png Prettyboy
Prettyboy - Battle.png
Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Prettyboy wears his heart on his chest and his eyes on top of his head. What a freak.
Magic Academy (Amigo Dungeon)
Tail Item Icon - MS.png Wakey tail
132 Light Icon - MS.png Loverboy
Loverboy - Battle.png
Commonly considered the most attractive of three identical brothers, loverboy in truth simply has a better publicist.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon)
Tail Item Icon - MS.png Wakey tail
133 Light Icon - MS.png Cuckoo claxon
Cuckoo claxon - Battle.png
Cuckoo claxons hate to be late. When they do run late, they get flustered, which causes them to be even more late. It's a vicious cycle.
Shishkebab Cave Other Item Icon - MS.png Rusty screw
134 Light Icon - MS.png Ma cherie
Ma cherie - Battle.png
Look deep into ma cherie's beady eyes. Feel its overpowering cuteness wash over you, mesmerizing your senses. Now run far away before it snacks on your head.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Pink frog
135 Light Icon - MS.png Brainboxer
Brainboxer - Battle.png
The brainboxer is a testament to the power of concentration. It can bend spoons, fold laundry, and implode large watermelons simply by focusing its mind.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png White frog
136 Light Icon - MS.png Bad dad
Bad dad - Battle.png
The bad dad is a prime example of the dangers of tough love. Even though it enrolls its eggs in the school of hard knocks, they still turn out rotten.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Russet frog
137 Light Icon - MS.png Angelder
Angelder - Battle.png
The angelder is a lovable old monster that usually keeps to doing crossword puzzles. It's not above shaking its sword at you if you step on its lawn.
Couscous Ruins Battle Item Icon - MS.png Sugarstar
138 Light Icon - MS.png Golden bat
Golden bat - Battle.png
This bat shines so brightly, it can illuminate the darkest of caves. Wear one like a hat if you need a mining helmet. Warning: it will probably eat your head.
Phunnel Pit Head Item Icon - MS.png Gold circlet
139 Light Icon - MS.png Marilyn
Marilyn - Battle.png
Marilyn is a lover, not a fighter, unless you start beating up its friends. Then its all fighter.
Sugarleaf Plains Body Item Icon - MS.png Wing robe
140 Light Icon - MS.png Psychoboxer
Psychoboxer - Battle.png
Psychoboxers learn all 42 of their telepathic techniques by staring at a waterfall. That is why you should never allow one near a garden hose.
Sugarleaf Plains None
141 Light Icon - MS.png Masked devil
Masked devil - Battle.png
This mysterious monster wanders around in a mask made of freshly washed towels. Needless to say, it spends about half its life doing laundry.
Sugarleaf Plains Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Ruby studs
142 Light Icon - MS.png Requiel
Requiel - Battle.png
This dragon swallows all light and then spews it at its foes. Some say it was born in the big bang.
Cocoabutter Valley Body Item Icon - MS.png Winged shirt
143 Light Icon - MS.png Reversio
Reversio - Battle.png
Reversio monsters spin so fast, they can switch the alignment of the stars. Sandwich pieces of the same color to flip their color.
Chromagar Cave Tail Item Icon - MS.png Versatail
144 Light Icon - MS.png Rainbow king
Rainbow king - Battle.png
This fish loves skin products. Weekly facials just aren't cutting it, so it ate a lightbulb to improve its radiance. This turned out to be a terrible idea.
Chromagar Cave Arms Item Icon - MS.png Planet ring
145 Light Icon - MS.png Cosmic rider
Cosmic rider - Battle.png
This intergalactic surfer lives for catching righteous space winds.
Chromagar Cave Head Item Icon - MS.png Odd circlet
146 Light Icon - MS.png Zap hound
Zap hound - Battle.png
This dog was a soft, cuddly little puppy until it licked a flagpole during a lightning storm. Now, whenever people hug it, ZAP!
Glissini Caves Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Sparkle bomb
147 Light Icon - MS.png Cephalomage
Cephalomage - Battle.png
A master contortionist that can twist itself into different shapes, the cephalomage actually possesses no truly stable form.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Black frog
148 Light Icon - MS.png Oldfangel
Oldfangel - Battle.png
Despite its appearance, the oldfangel isn't much of a warrior. However, in a pinch, it doesn't mind putting on a good show.
Glissini Caves Body Item Icon - MS.png Misty cloak
149 Light Icon - MS.png Erilyn
Erilyn - Battle.png
Marilyn's younger sister, Erilyn, shares her sister's big heart but is also graceful and articulate. Although it's too soon to tell, she stands to be this year's It monster.
Glissini Caves Body Item Icon - MS.png Thinky cloak
150 Light Icon - MS.png Zap raccoon
Zap raccoon - Battle.png
Poor zap raccoon. It fries anything that gets too close to it. It drains the energy from any machine that gets too close.
Glissini Caves MP Recovery Item Icon - MS.png Red worm
151 Light Icon - MS.png Bellber
Bellber - Battle.png
Popularity is a double-edged sword. Just ask a bellber. They hoard bellber husks, but that just makes them top targets of collectors and looters alike.
Glissini Caves Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Bellber husk
198 Light Icon - MS.png Policeman
Policeman - Battle.png
The noble police officer works hard day and night to protect space. The motto of the Space Police: "Arrest 'em all, and let prison sort 'em out!"
World Seam
Shishkebab Cave
199 Light Icon - MS.png Buck private
Buck private - Battle.png
This trooper is one of Gil Mudflap's personal guard. He treats his men like footstools. Literally.
Shishkebab Cave None
201 Light Icon - MS.png Major
Major - Battle.png
The elite Space Police sniper is in charge of only one thing: silently obliterating the enemy without warning, anytime and anywhere.
World Seam
Shishkebab Cave
204 Light Icon - MS.png Sergeant
Sergeant - Battle.png
This Space Police squad specializes in charging blindly into battle. More often than not, this results in what they playfully call "friendly head trauma."
Holy Water Pyramid None
207 Light Icon - MS.png Sr. Patrolman
Sr. Patrolman - Battle.png
This senior Space Police officer may spend most of his time behind a desk, but he's not afraid to glower and shuffle some papers.
Jalapeno Wasteland
Rio Villa
Ships' Graveyard
Plateau of the Giant
Sugarleaf Plains West
210 Light Icon - MS.png Odd beetle
Odd beetle - Battle.png
What manner of insect is this? A mutation? Or is it perhaps the result of some experiment?
Couscous Ruins Head Item Icon - MS.png Fairy tiara
214 Light Icon - MS.png CSI
CSI - Battle.png
These investigators specialize in forensic crime-scene analysis. They're always looking for new ways to drum up business, so try not to look nervous around them.
Jalapeno Wasteland
Sugarleaf Plains West
215 Light Icon - MS.png Inspector
Inspector - Battle.png
The chief inspector of the Space Police wastes no time on investigations. He keeps himself free for more important things, like throwing bombs at civilians.
Jalapeno Wasteland
Sugarleaf Plains West
217 Light Icon - MS.png Space warden
Space warden - Battle.png
The warden of the Space Police prisons has a brilliant mind and never makes mistakes. He controls the Cybersaurus with a remote that never leaves his side.
Jalapeno Wasteland
Sugarleaf Plains West
221 Light Icon - MS.png Giant larva
Giant larva - Battle.png
This mysterious insect larva seems to absorb any magic around it insatiably, as though its feeding off the magical energies. Will it ever turn into a cocoon?
Chromagar Cave None
222 Light Icon - MS.png Dark Icon - MS.png Kale
Kale - Battle.png
This former Will-o'-Wisp Academy student manipulated the Space Police and led them on a mad crusade against magicians. He possesses vast knowledge.
Chromagar Cave None
223 Light Icon - MS.png Dark Icon - MS.png Gummy giant
Gummy giant - Battle.png
Fueled by the power of Kale's sinister magic, this creature has no mind of its own. It simply carries out any order it receives, no matter how cruel.
Chromagar Cave None
228 Light Icon - MS.png Dark Icon - MS.png Umbra
Umbra - Battle.png
Shadra, grown to massive dimensions after devouring powerful millennium gummies, has shed its old husk and risen in this new and awe-inspiring body.
Glissini Caves None
232 Light Icon - MS.png Happyboy
Happyboy - Battle.png
Happyboy is the youngest of the three brothers. While not the most handsome, he is the strongest and hardiest. Fun fact: Happyboy isn't all that happy.
Figurine None
237 Light Icon - MS.png Panic alarm
Panic alarm - Battle.png
This fidgety monster tends to overreact about everything. It's easy to tease, but it's all fun and games until someone freaks one out at the crack of dawn.
Figurine None
251 Light Icon - MS.png Insect mage
Insect mage - Battle.png
This insect overlord controls the actions of every insect in the cosmos. Blame him for all of history's ruined picnics.
Figurine None

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 光属星 Light starsign
Flag of France.svg French Jour Day
Flag of Germany.svg German Licht Light
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Luce Light
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Luz Light

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When assigning the protagonist's starsign in Japanese, the description for light states, "清らかを示す星 HP回復魔法を使える 初心者むけ" (A star that signifies purity. Can cast HP recovery magic. Intended for beginners.).

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