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"The floppy-eared and flighty Lassi is a scatterbrained bunny able to call upon the magic of the winds."

Lassi, known in Japan as Jasmine, is a party member in Magical Starsign. She is a rabbit who specializes in wind magic and attends Will-o'-Wisp Academy.

Party member[edit | edit source]

Lassi first joins the party during the tutorial section at Will-o'-Wisp Academy. She is then permanently recruited a brief time later when the protagonist arrives at Erd and revives her with kovo water. Unlike the other party members, her second recruitment does not cause any change to her stats.

Her starsign is wind, gaining her aura when Puffoon is in alignment. In battle, she helps allies by restoring their health, high MP and low defense.[1]

Level 1 stats[edit | edit source]

Magical Starsign - HP Symbol.png Magical Starsign - MP Symbol.png Magical Starsign - MP% Symbol.png MP% Magical Starsign - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Starsign - Intelligence Symbol.png IQ Magical Starsign - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Starsign - Spirit Symbol.png Spr Magical Starsign - Agility Symbol.png Agi
120 36 13% 2 3 1 1 4

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Spells Skills
Level 1 Level 7 Level 19 Level 36 Level 49 Skill Icon - MS.png Kick
Skill Icon - MS.png Guard
Skill Icon - MS.png Move
Skill Icon - MS.png Flee
Wind Icon - MS.png Wind talon Wind Icon - MS.png Healing wing Wind Icon - MS.png Falcon dive Wind Icon - MS.png Mother's nest Wind Icon - MS.png Pteranodon

Wild magic[edit | edit source]

Lassi's wild magic summons a gust of wind. This can trigger events at key locations, and can also cause sugarstars to appear near HP Pots.[1]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Aside from being a bit mischievous and scatterbrained, Lassi cares deeply about her friends and family. She is described as an odd and quirky girl who is insatiably curious. In Japanese, she uses irregular grammar and speaks in a silly, informal dialect.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lassi is a short golden-yellow rabbit with forward-flopping ears and tied back hair. She has red eyes and accents along her ears. Below her bandanna, she wears a pair of stitched, long pants over a purple undergarment. She also wears a pair of long sandals strapped over her feet.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Lassi was born outside of a downtown area in the Kingdom of Kovomaka, populated by migrant rabbits.[2] Like her classmates, she enrolled into Will-o'-Wisp Academy to learn more about magic and outer space.

Magical Starsign[edit | edit source]

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Lassi barreling through the cosmos.

One day at Will-o'-Wisp, Lassi and her friends overheard their teacher Miss Madeleine talking with Principal Biscotti talking about Kale, a former student reported to be leading a gang of astro pirates. Biscotti ordered Madeleine to put a stop to Kale's antics on Puffoon, which she accepted despite her students' worries. She summoned them all to the academy's meditation room afterwards, wherein she gave them a crash course on magical combat.

Three months later, after Madeleine had made no contact with Kovomaka, Lassi snuck into a storage room in the academy's clocktower where six rockets were stored. The other students eventually tracked Lassi down, but by the time they reached the rocket hangar, Lassi was launched into space. The protagonist quickly followed, as did Mokka, Chai, Pico, and Sorbet. As Lassi's rocket was being chased by the protagonist's, she collided with an asteroid and plummeted onto Erd, the earth planet. Awaking in a raging sandstorm, the protagonist retrieved a bottle of kovo water from Lassi's rocket and used it to heal her. Lassi then cleared the sandstorm with her wild magic, accidentally disrupting the ant lion's slumber. Once the duo managed to defeat the ant lion, they entered the Kahve Ruins on the planet's edge and were suddenly chased by several robots. They found a rocket nestled at the top floor, but Robot D12S rushed in and detained them before they could board it.

Finding themselves at Gumbo Gaol, the protagonist and Lassi used their combined abilities to destroy the patrolling securitron and escape to the Forgotten Land. They leapt into a hole leading to Peatmoss, the colony of spiny moles, where King Gorgonzola proclaimed their arrival was prophesized. He then asked that they vanquish the wicked ant queen, which they eventually accomplished, and allowed them to claim the rocket from Kahve Ruins. After Lassi charged the ruins' generator at Where the Stars Sleep with her magic, she and the protagonist infiltrated it once more, evading Robot D12S and flying off Erd aboard Neumann the Magical Rocket.

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Her name comes from 'lassi', also called buttermilk, a yogurt-based drink from India.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ジャスミン Jasmine
Flag of France.svg French Lassi From her English name
Flag of Germany.svg German Lassi From her English name
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Lassi From her English name
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Lassi From her English name

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being a rabbit, Lassi hates carrots.
  • Lassi and gummy girl share a voice actress, who is known under the pseudonym Tanepirica.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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