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This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.

Knights of the Universe[a] is a web-exclusive manga series based on the original plot of Magical Vacation 2, which would later become Magical Starsign.

New issues were uploaded to the official Brownie Brown website once a month, beginning in May of 2008. By October of that same year, the serialization of Knights of the Universe was discontinued after six issues were published, effectively ending the story on a cliffhanger. At the start and end of each issue, Hiroki Matsuura (under the alias "Mattsun") left blurbs describing moments within the manga, as well as events taking place at Brownie Brown. Mattsun revealed that Knights of the Universe was the original scenario of Magical Vacation 2, but the concept was scrapped despite being written to completion, and assets from early development were revamped for Magical Starsign. Therefore, both Knights of the Universe and Magical Starsign can be considered sequels to Magical Vacation, but take place in separate continuities.

Plot[edit | edit source]

One night, a large meteorite crash lands in the Kingdom of Kovomaka. A unit of magicians lead by Vanilla Nighthawk are dispatched from the royal palace the next morning, wondering if this meteorite is The "Sheep" mentioned in an ancient prophecy, who is said to bring destruction upon the land after awaking.

In a nearby field, six students from Will-o'-Wisp Academy ride high-tech bikes to the crash site, intending on joining Vanilla and her group in their investigation. The group consists of Mash Blanc,[b] Sorbet Ronsard, Arancia Scorenote, Pistachio Maplewood,[c] Cider Rainbow, and Souffle Sherbet. As Mash's reckless driving annoys his classmates, Arancia drives up to ask Souffle if she can detect Vanilla's voice. Souffle takes a moment to concentrate her powers, but for some odd reason, she can no longer hear Vanilla. The students are slightly concerned by her response, but Pistachio alerts them of how quickly they are approaching the site.

Meanwhile at the royal palace near Castle Town, King Geasshigaou Oden is shocked to hear that Vanilla's group was annihilated. Before him is a magician in bloodstained robes being held up by two others, all of whom fled the crash site. The king's aide, Khao Yam, is confident that the meteorite is the prophesized "Sheep", judging by how quickly it dealt with the twelve soldiers that were deployed. King Oden expresses worry for Vanilla's safety, then assures the three magicians that their return to the palace is honorable. When his soldiers are dismissed from the throne room, King Oden looks down in grief. He sent Vanilla out with the group of magicians because she fused with an enigma in the past, which gave her incredible powers. If The "Sheep" really did kill her, there was likely no other wizard in the country who could take it down. Just then, Madeleine of Will-o'-Wisp Academy enters the room and salutes King Oden.

The students arrive at Eldile Plains where The "Sheep" had landed, and Mash begins to panic. Sorbet rides in to tell her classmate to focus, but she is stopped when The "Sheep" fires a laser beam at her with a mechanical appendage. Mash hops off his bike to check on Sorbet, who sustained minor injures after being launched off her vehicle, though she quickly recovers. The duo watch as Cider, Arancia, and Pistachio summon their elemental spirits before unleashing powerful magic in unison. Once the dust clears, it seems that none of their attacks were effective in the slightest, even with the added strength of a three-way spirit combo. The "Sheep" retaliates by firing off even more lasers at the students, but Mash and Sorbet are left unharmed. Mash holds Sorbet back from running to the others, fearing that they may have been killed in the attack. As they argue, Souffle walks up and tells her friends to run, then suddenly shouts Kerendu's name. She looks up at The "Sheep" as Kerendu, thought to have died during the events of Magical Vacation, appears behind her.

Issues[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Japanese: 宇宙の騎士, Hepburn: Uchū no Kishi
  2. The protagonist of Knights of the Universe. This is the named protagonist of Magical Starsign, but he is a fire mage rather than a light or dark mage.
  3. Though stated to be a professor during the events of Magical Starsign, Knights of the Universe instead sees Pistachio at his original age from Magical Vacation.

References[edit | edit source]

Characters Mash - Sorbet - Arancia - Cider - Pistachio - Souffle - Vanilla - Miss Madeleine - Geshigao-Oden - Khao Yam - The Sheep - Kerendu
Locations Kingdom of Kovomaka - Castle Town - Eldile Plains
Production Shinichi Kameoka