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Fire is a magic affinity in Magical Starsign. Based heavily around offense, fire can hit hard and scorch enemies to deprive them of turns, and assist weakened allies with fever. When cast from the back row, fire magic is typically distributed equally. Pico and Fondue have fire affinity, gaining aura when Razen is in its region of the astrolog.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Fire Icon - MS.png Lava spuds 10 40 Random 3 5% chance of scorch
Fire Icon - MS.png Afterburner 35 120 Fixed 20% chance of scorch
Fire Icon - MS.png Heat fondu 70 220 Fixed 5% chance of scorch
Fire Icon - MS.png Feverish might 25 Shared Applies fever
Fire Icon - MS.png Dragon's tongue 90 350 Fixed 5% chance of scorch
Egg character
Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Fire Icon - MS.png Corona egg 70 200 Fixed 50% chance to debuff power by 20%
Name Strength Area Effect
Fire Icon - MS.png Magma roast 60 All 30% chance of scorch
Fire Icon - MS.png Blazing cannon 80 Single 75% chance of scorch

Enemies[edit | edit source]

# Name Sprite Description Level Habitat Drops
001 Fire Icon - MS.png Chippermunk
Chippermunk (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
The adorable chippermunk uses its cute looks as a weapon. If you see one, you will probably want to snuggle up to it and give it a big hug. Don't. It would be bad.
Magic Academy (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Crimson frog
002 Fire Icon - MS.png Sniffles
Sniffles - Battle.png
Its actual name is long and difficult to pronounce, so everyone just calls it "Sniffles" for short. Instead of fire, it sneezes a disgusting gob of green guck.
Great Dragon Road
Tangerine Beach
Mandarin Beach
Dragon Beach
Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Ice cube
003 Fire Icon - MS.png Merlechaun
Merlechaun - Battle.png
Born of fire, these flame sprites feel compelled to hang out in the frigid cold. Many suspect this is just to show everyone exactly how crazy they are.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Violet frog
004 Fire Icon - MS.png Atomic firebat
Atomic firebat (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
Beware the bite of the atomic firebat: it burns hotter than the hottest salsa. Daring chefs try to harvest their glands, with delicious (but often tragic) results.
Jalapeno Wasteland
World Seam
Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Bat husk
005 Fire Icon - MS.png Guyclops
Guyclops (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
This thickheaded giant loves to dance. Its lack of peripheral vision makes this a dangerous prospect. Don't be afraid to share a dance with him!
Jalapeno Wasteland
World Seam
Healing Item Icon - MS.png Monster meat
006 Fire Icon - MS.png Lava lumpling
Lava lumpling (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
These creatures form when a fireproof seed falls into hot magma. The resulting creature mopes around for a while, wondering if its flower will ever bloom.
Jalapeno Wasteland
World Seam
Head Item Icon - MS.png Pyramid hat
007 Fire Icon - MS.png Fireclaw
Fireclaw - Battle.png
Nobody knows who crafted the containment unit that allows these fire elementals to leave their molten homes, but whoever it was has a lot of explaining to do.
Jalapeno Wasteland
World Seam
Shishkebab Cave
Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Blaze bomb
008 Fire Icon - MS.png Gurglegut
Gurglegut - Battle.png
Scientists have yet to figure out what gives the gurglegut dragon such intestinal distress. Until they do, don't approach this creature with any open flames.
World Seam
Shishkebab Cave
Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Blaze bomb
009 Fire Icon - MS.png Ember jackal
Ember jackal (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
This fiery, two-headed jackal gobbles flames for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For dessert, it indulges on adventurers. If you see one after supper time, RUN!
World Seam Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Cleats
010 Fire Icon - MS.png Permalava
Permalava - Battle.png
Permalava spews endless torrents of the most vile curse words in the galaxy. Thankfully, its insults fly so fast and so furiously that no one can understand it.
World Seam Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Flip-flops
011 Fire Icon - MS.png Foul fly
Foul fly - Battle.png
This monster is notorious for creepily rubbing its hands together as if it is plotting the galaxy's untimely doom. Which it is.
Shishkebab Cave Other Item Icon - MS.png Bang berry
012 Fire Icon - MS.png Swurly
Swurly - Battle.png
The blustery swurly has a low tolerance for irritation. It blows up at the smallest things--literally. It's best to approach this tempestuous terror with a cool head.
Shishkebab Cave Other Item Icon - MS.png Bang berry
013 Fire Icon - MS.png Mechanibex
Mechanibex - Battle.png
This odd mechanical beast uses gummy frogs to stoke its belly-furnace. As it burns through them rather quickly, it's always hungry for more.
Shishkebab Cave Other Item Icon - MS.png Bang berry
014 Fire Icon - MS.png Brawliflower
Brawliflower - Battle.png
Beware the brawliflower: it may look cute and strangely vegetableish, but this garden terror bites back!
Capsicum Caverns Battle Item Icon - MS.png Sugarstar
015 Fire Icon - MS.png Pigeonator
Pigeonator - Battle.png
When this mechanical menace senses a fight, it goes berserk. The effect is somewhat like looking at a boiling kettle of water dancing on the stove top.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Other Item Icon - MS.png Bang berry
016 Fire Icon - MS.png Stag lizard
Stag lizard - Battle.png
The stag lizard's clacking mandibles can pinch through steel like it's butter. Because they can be used in potions, stag-lizard mandibles are highly prized items.
Capsicum Caverns MP Recovery Item Icon - MS.png Critter horn
017 Fire Icon - MS.png Charred tree
Charred tree - Battle.png
This sad sapling holds a grudge against the cruel world that let it catch fire. Its sooty breath serves as a grim reminder to all who face it: put your campfires out!
Carbonara Jungle Healing Item Icon - MS.png Sweet meat
018 Fire Icon - MS.png Rainboar
Rainboar - Battle.png
The rainboar's pink pelt may not help it blend into its surroundings, but with that terrible attitude, the rainboar doesn't really have to.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Orange frog
019 Fire Icon - MS.png Scorchberry
Scorchberry - Battle.png
This dangerously tart creature gushes spicy juices when it pops. While this is a terrible defense mechanism, it's a great way to give a smoothie a little kick.
Path of Five Organs
Phunnel Pit
Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
020 Fire Icon - MS.png Mossworm
Mossworm - Battle.png
The mossworm enjoys an exceptionally long life. "Enjoys" might be the wrong word, though, given that it doesn't move much and is covered in a thick moss.
Path of Five Organs
Phunnel Pit
Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Catdog boots
021 Fire Icon - MS.png Steamburper
Steamburper - Battle.png
The more worked up it gets, the more searing-hot steam belches out of its exhaust pipes. If you see a thick plume of steam, stay away!
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Other Item Icon - MS.png Gold dust
022 Fire Icon - MS.png Sacrificer
Sacrificer - Battle.png
This cruel monster sacrifices its own kind to advance its own evil plots. Even the vilest creatures don't want to be associated with this loathsome beast.
Cocoabutter Valley Healing Item Icon - MS.png Monster meat
023 Fire Icon - MS.png Firebelcher
Firebelcher - Battle.png
The firebelcher is a traditional fire-breathing dragon. Fun fact: the firebelcher is a not-too-distant cousin to the lagoon dragon.
Chromagar Cave Arms Item Icon - MS.png Martial fist
024 Fire Icon - MS.png Violent joe
Violent joe - Battle.png
This curious beast is strangely proud of its magnificent chin. It was all but wiped out in a battle against the punkasaurs over whether chins out-cooled mohawks.
Chromagar Cave Healing Item Icon - MS.png Red frog
025 Fire Icon - MS.png Ant noble
Ant noble - Battle.png
Despite the name, these ants are not, in fact, royalty. They rely on their money to pay off lackeys who responded to their call in battle. What's noble about that?
Glissini Caves Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Misty studs
026 Fire Icon - MS.png Crabrador
Crabrador - Battle.png
This breed of hermit lab seems to be a shy creature. However, it can show a lot of bravery at almost entirely the wrong times.
Glissini Caves Jam Item Icon - MS.png Nut spread
027 Fire Icon - MS.png Jellybeast
Jellybeast - Battle.png
The gluttonous jellybeast will snack on anything that wanders near its gaping maw. It never brushes its teeth, making its breath just as dangerous as its bite.
Glissini Caves Healing Item Icon - MS.png Red frog
179 Fire Icon - MS.png Magic dummy
Magic dummy (enemy) - Battle.png
Magic dummies live only to be crushed, sliced, soaked, frozen, buried, incinerated, and nailed in the head with roundhouse kicks. Then they go back in the closet.
Magic Academy None
208 Fire Icon - MS.png Muzzleflash
Muzzleflash - Battle.png
Muzzleflash is a reckless fighter, notorious for gunning down friend and foe alike. After his last battle, he was imprisoned for the safety of the galaxy.
Path of Five Organs Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Loincloth
227 Fire Icon - MS.png Cybersaurus
Cybersaurus 2 - Battle.png
This space monster once terrorized every corner of the galaxy. The Espressos caught it and sent it to anger management therapy. It now leads a quiet life.
Glissini Caves None
230 Fire Icon - MS.png Hot lava
Hot lava - Battle.png
In the heat of battle, this creature gets a little carried away, bursting forth with energy in an overzealous display of enthusiasm.
Figurine None
248 Fire Icon - MS.png Fugitive
Fugitive - Battle.png
This infamous madman is responsible for countless heinous acts of wanton violence and cruelty. He has escaped prison time and again. He has a price on his head.
Figurine Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Slippers

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 火属星 Fire starsign
Flag of France.svg French Feu Fire
Flag of Germany.svg German Feuer Fire
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Fuoco Fire
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Fuego Fire

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