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Erd, known in Japan as Hikarabita,[a] is the planet of earth in Magical Starsign, orbiting the furthest ring of the Baklava solar system. It is known to have been populated by two great civilizations, but the most recent one, the Espressos, were annihilated after a horrific war over 12800 years ago.

Orbit[edit | edit source]

When Erd enters its field of alignment, users of earth magic awaken to an aura state. It takes Erd 1 hour and 50 minutes to make a full revolution around the sun, and it stays in its field of alignment for 22 minutes.[1]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Towns[edit | edit source]

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

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Magical Starsign[edit | edit source]

Arrival on Erd[edit | edit source]

After blasting off from the academy in pursuit of their friend Lassi, the player's space journey comes to a crashing halt after their rocket lands on Erd and is destroyed. The player wakes up in the midst of a vast sandstorm in the Quiet Plateau. After some walking, the player finds Lassi on the ground besides her destroyed ship as well, and she asks them to get her some kovo water that is inside

her rocket. Once she drinks the water, she wakes up and is shocked to see that the player is on the planet with her. After recounting her memories of what happened, she comments that they're "in this weirdness together" and joins the party. The duo check her rocket to discover that it's in just as bad of shape as the player's, but the healing machine works. Lassi also becomes frustrated because clearly, they're not on the wind planet like she had hoped.

Having no choice, the player and Lassi explore the sandstorm. When they head north, the wind begins to push them back, and eventually after enough tries Lassi suggests they use magic to try and quell the sandstorm. Lassi can then use her wind magic, and doing so causes the sandstorm to disappear. They proceed forward as Lassi assures the player that their magic will come in handy, and just as she does, an Ant lion appears and attacks the duo.

Robots and Rockets[edit | edit source]

After the defeat of the Ant lion, the duo continues to press on and arrives at the Kahve Ruins. Lassi seems confused

and scared, but the two proceed inside to check things out. On entry, they are attacked by some ancient robots. After clearing the mobs, they eventually reach the third floor. Lassi notices a rocket and suggests that the player and her "hot wire and steal it". Ultimately, though, the player and Lassi fail as they are attacked once more by a robot who electrocutes them. From there, they are thrown into the Gumbo Gaol.

The player awakes in the Gumbo Gaol after the robots leave them inside with the Securitron patrolling. Lassi also wakes up, and seems confused as to where she is. The two are split up by prison cells, so Lassi shouts for the player to tap the wall if they can hear her. The two have a conversation, and Lassi panics and wonders what they can do. This conversation is optional, however, as the player can just choose to use their field magic without talking to Lassi at all.

When the magic is used, the Securitron tries to cross over a pit of spikes in an attempt to attack the player, but doesn't realize that they're there. As a result, it falls in the pit and sustains major damage, allowing the player to escape their prison cell. The player then presses a button to extend the bridge to Lassi's cell, which makes her anxious that the robots have already returned. The player talks to her, but she initially yells "back off mechafreak!" before realizing it's her friend. She expresses joy in seeing the player, and upon choosing yes or no to her question, her dialogue can change to something sassy or elated. She rejoins the party, but it's not long before the Securitron manages to reboot and escape the spike pit. The duo are attacked, but manage to defeat the bot after some struggle.

The two leave the prison and see a spiny mole, who sees them as well and runs off in shock. The two follow them, and discover a hole on the ground.

The Spiny Moles[edit | edit source]

The duo jumps into the hole, and discovers that they are in the Spiny Mole kingdom of Peatmoss. They are informed by one of the spiny moles that the King wishes to speak to them. Upon doing so, they learn of the scourge of the town known as the Ant queen, and are pressured into defeating her in exchange for assistance with leaving the planet.

They also learn about the prophecy of the Spiny Moles, told in two books by the Minister known as the Book of Darkness and the Book of Light. The prophecy predicts a lot of happenings in the game, such as the players defeating the "utmost evil" and that they are destined to leave Erd upon a ship of light.

After defeating the Ant queen, the player and Lassi discover a tool called the diggy claws and bring it back to the King. After he is overjoyed at the defeat of the Queen and declares them heroes, he asks about the legendary tool, and is happy to learn that they have retrieved it. At first, he ushers them to keep the glove, but later accepts it as the duo has no use for it. As mentioned prior, the moles agreed to help the two if they helped them, so the king digs them a hole to the Land Where the Stars Sleep.

Restoring Power[edit | edit source]

Once the moles bid the two now-heroes farewell, Lassi and the player head off to the Land Where the Stars Sleep. Here they see a lot of pipelines that span the entirety of Erd, and realize that they have to restore power to the planet somehow. The two enter the cave and eventually come to a massive windmill. Lassi finds it odd, and states that there's absolutely no way that a windmill should be there, as there's just no wind in the cave. However, she decides to try using her magic once more, and the windmill slowly churns back to life. As the windmill gains speed, more lights display and eventually power is restored to the planet.

The duo decides to go back to the Kahve Ruins, believing that now is the time to attempt to steal Neumann again. On the way there, they're attacked by a few other robots, but manage to make it there just fine. Upon entry, they discover that power is also flowing into the ruins, and now the robots are on high alert.

After fighting their way to the third floor, they finally see their objective in their sights. Neumann is ready for liftoff! However, the robots have sounded the alarm and they need to get out of the ruins quick. The newly upgraded Securitron 2 robot is waiting for them, and they have to take it out before they can leave.

Once the robot has been destroyed for good this time, they make a mad dash for the rocket and manage to get in just in time before the other robots make it to the third floor. They quickly blast off and escape Erd, presumably headed for Puffoon once more..

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its name comes from Erde, meaning 'Earth' in German.
  • Its Japanese name, Hikarabita, comes from 干からびた hikarabita, which literally means 'dried up'.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Japanese: 土の星・ヒカラビータ, Hepburn: Tsuchi no Hoshi・Hikarabīta

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