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Earth is a magic affinity in Magical Starsign. It offers powerful, low-cost spells that may turn enemies to stone, and it can improve healthy allies' stats with strong. When cast from the back row, earth magic is typically distributed equally. Mokka and Kir have earth affinity, gaining aura when Erd is in its region of the astrolog.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Earth Icon - MS.png Gravel pounder 4 40 Random 3 5% chance of stone
Earth Icon - MS.png Stalagmiter 20 90 Fixed 5% chance of stone
Earth Icon - MS.png Boulder bash 40 220 Fixed 5% chance of stone
Earth Icon - MS.png Vibrant dance 15 Shared Applies strong
Earth Icon - MS.png Bellowing rock 80 350 Fixed 5% chance of stone
Egg character
Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Earth Icon - MS.png Stout egg 70 200 Fixed 50% chance to debuff defense by 20%
Name Strength Area Effect
Earth Icon - MS.png Smoke forte 30 All 10% chance of stone

Enemies[edit | edit source]

# Name Sprite Description Level Habitat Drops
080 Earth Icon - MS.png Mud jammer
Mud jammer (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
This is a cautionary tale of what can happen when jam goes bad. It loses its sweetness, starts to move, and tries to destroy you. Eat it at your own risk.
Forgotten Land
Ant Hole
MP Recovery Item Icon - MS.png Yellow worm
081 Earth Icon - MS.png Soldier ant
Soldier ant - Battle.png
This brave and loyal ant uses its sword to protect itself and its queen. This is all very admirable, but that doesn't mean you should refrain from squishing it.
Ant Hole Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
082 Earth Icon - MS.png Magician ant
Magician ant - Battle.png
This fierce ant uses magic to serve its queen. Because it knows so much about magic, it is largely immune to magical attacks.
Ant Hole MP Recovery Item Icon - MS.png Yellow worm
083 Earth Icon - MS.png Meteorn
Meteorn - Battle.png
These creatures thrive on the many meteors that coast through Baklava. This one must have crashed onto Erd recently. It seems surprisingly fragile.
Magic Academy (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Brown frog
084 Earth Icon - MS.png Buffalope
Buffalope - Battle.png
On its own, the buffalope is fairly weak. However, when many of them join together, they become very powerful. It's a good idea to stop that from happening.
Carbonara Jungle Arms Item Icon - MS.png Silver ring
085 Earth Icon - MS.png Hoody thing
Hoody thing - Battle.png
The hoody thing's hood protects it against dry skin. When it wants a fresh look, it wears its hood at a rakish tilt. It's not the most fashion forward of monsters.
Jalapeno Wasteland
World Seam
Other Item Icon - MS.png Bang berry
086 Earth Icon - MS.png Punkasaur
Punkasaur - Battle.png
Much to the punkasaur's dismay, its glorious mohawk is thinning. It might be time to update its look to something a little more contemporary, like a mullet.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Taupe frog
087 Earth Icon - MS.png Cabong
Cabong - Battle.png
This monster has two moods: mad and really mad. It has no patience for softies, so don't let it catch you petting a puppy or anything like that.
World Seam Jam Item Icon - MS.png Nut spread
088 Earth Icon - MS.png Eggkeeper
Eggkeeper - Battle.png
Filled with an instinctive need to sit on eggs and a genetic inability to produce them, this creature is a terrible caretaker and wildly irresponsible.
Capsicum Caverns Other Item Icon - MS.png Dragon egg
089 Earth Icon - MS.png Sarcophaghoul
Sarcophaghoul - Battle.png
It's said that this coffin holds the mysteries of the universe. Or a dead guy. No one's really sure. Or it might be full of money. Only one way to find out!
Capsicum Caverns Body Item Icon - MS.png Cashwad cloak
090 Earth Icon - MS.png Gobbler
Gobbler - Battle.png
This monster has a huge mouth, but it's actually quite a picky eater. Just another sign that you can't judge a monster by its gaping maw.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Magenta frog
091 Earth Icon - MS.png Unihorn
Unihorn - Battle.png
The unihorn loves its horn, and with good reason. By swinging it, it can create strong winds, and by drilling it into the ground, it can shake the earth.
Granule Island Arms Item Icon - MS.png Platinum ring
092 Earth Icon - MS.png Monster chest
Monster chest - Battle.png
This monster chest may look vicious, but it's actually quite delicate. Handle it with care, or the treasure inside of it will turn to sand.
Holy Water Pyramid Body Item Icon - MS.png Rock robe
093 Earth Icon - MS.png Bagong
Bagong - Battle.png
This monster is created in earthquakes that shake massive rocks loose from the hillsides. According to studies, another bagong is born every three seconds on Erd.
Ships' Graveyard Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
094 Earth Icon - MS.png Smiley leech
Smiley leech - Battle.png
Every battle begins with a kiss, thanks to the smile leech's friendliness and utter lack of personal boundaries. What happens after that is up to you.
Path of Five Organs Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
095 Earth Icon - MS.png Wood warrior
Wood warrior - Battle.png
The wood warrior travels the wilderness seeking powerful opponents to challenge. Its devil-may-care attitude throws of even the most steely of opponents.
Ships' Graveyard Jam Item Icon - MS.png Nut spread
096 Earth Icon - MS.png Pegmafly
Pegmafly - Battle.png
This monster, made of pegmalite ore, moves very stiffly because of the rigid crystals that make up its body.
Path of Five Organs
Phunnel Pit
Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Bird charm
097 Earth Icon - MS.png Clodling
Clodling - Battle.png
Clods live inside the stone giant like huge parasites. When two clods bump into each other, they become one. Eventually, they are expelled from the giant.
Path of Five Organs
Phunnel Pit
Other Item Icon - MS.png Gold dust
098 Earth Icon - MS.png Dirtling
Dirtling - Battle.png
When a clodling breaks apart, it forms dirtlings. Science has long wondered how many more times a dirtling can be divided.
Path of Five Organs
Phunnel Pit
Other Item Icon - MS.png Gold dust
099 Earth Icon - MS.png Dustling
Dustling - Battle.png
Dustlings form when dirtlings break down. And thus, the cycle of life continues.
Path of Five Organs
Phunnel Pit
Other Item Icon - MS.png Gold dust
100 Earth Icon - MS.png Elder dragon
Elder dragon - Battle.png
The elder dragon has lived inside the stone giant for ages. It devours anything in sight. The sheer monotony of its surroundings turned it into a bored eater.
Path of Five Organs
Phunnel Pit
Body Item Icon - MS.png Heavy metal
101 Earth Icon - MS.png Boogaclops
Boogaclops - Battle.png
This four-armed foe has a face only a mother could love and a chip on its shoulder the size of a moon. But have no fear: its arms are shorter than they look.
Chromagar Cave Jam Item Icon - MS.png Berry jam
102 Earth Icon - MS.png Planetern
Planetern - Battle.png
This monster is made from the rubble of many meteors. Legend has it that its beady eyes can see the truth of the universe.
Chromagar Cave Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Quake bomb
103 Earth Icon - MS.png Faded stone
Faded stone - Battle.png
"The secret to making a piecrust that is both flaky and tender is--" Oh, no! The rest of the words have been rubbed off! Now we're doomed to eating leaden pies!
Glissini Caves Tail Item Icon - MS.png Stoneoff tail
104 Earth Icon - MS.png Mad cashbox
Mad cashbox - Battle.png
Someone hid this strange treasure chest so well that it remained hidden for thousands of years.
Glissini Caves Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Diamond studs
105 Earth Icon - MS.png Peewee
Peewee - Battle.png
The peewee is attracted to bright light because its eyesight is so terrible. Sometimes, it attacks its own lure filament, much to its own dismay.
Glissini Caves Arms Item Icon - MS.png Ancient mitts
106 Earth Icon - MS.png Sand carrier
Sand carrier - Battle.png
This robot was programmed to carry sand. While this seems like a waste of effort, it sometimes stumbles across a gold nugget or two hidden buried in the sands.
Glissini Caves Other Item Icon - MS.png Gold nugget
107 Earth Icon - MS.png Sand crab
Sand crab - Battle.png
Some call it the shark of the desert. If you see its massive claws approaching you in the sand, you would do well to head for safer ground.
Glissini Caves Arms Item Icon - MS.png Misty ring
180 Earth Icon - MS.png Ant lion
Ant lion - Battle.png
The ant lion lurks below the sandy waves, waiting for the pattering of little footsteps before launching out of the ground to feast on its prey.
Quiet Plateau Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
181 Earth Icon - MS.png Sentry mk 1
Sentry mk 1 - Battle.png
These robots approach you silently, with a coolness that only the mechanical can pull off. Watch out, though: it will surprise you with a lightning-fast rocket punch!
Kahve Ruins None
182 Earth Icon - MS.png Securitron
Securitron - Battle.png
Like all super-high tech gadgets, this bleeding-edge security robot is expensive, extremely fragile, and...already outdated.
Gumbo Gaol Other Item Icon - MS.png Rusty screw
183 Earth Icon - MS.png Ant queen
Ant queen - Battle.png
This ant queen lives underground on Erd. She's selfish and violent on a good day. Catch her on a bad day and she'll sic her entire army on you without a thought.
Queen's Chambers None
184 Earth Icon - MS.png Sentry mk 2
Sentry mk 2 - Battle.png
Robots don't care about basic courtesy. These robots will attack you without even so much as a simple "hello." They vary in strength depending on their level.
Kahve Ruins
Wandering Hills
185 Earth Icon - MS.png Sentry mk 3
Sentry mk 3 - Battle.png
These callous robots will sneak up to attack you without warning. They vary in strength depending on their levels. Never underestimate a robot!
Kahve Ruins None
186 Earth Icon - MS.png Securitron 2
Securitron 2 - Battle.png
Freshly repaired, patched, and reinstalled, this security robot lusts for sweet, roboty revenge.
Kahve Ruins Other Item Icon - MS.png Rusty screw
200 Earth Icon - MS.png Mudflap
Mudflap - Battle.png
Mudflap is one of Bena Rikashi's police inspectors. He looks--and smells--powerful. Be careful not to let him smother you.
Shishkebab Cave Head Item Icon - MS.png Pigheaded hat
225 Earth Icon - MS.png Securitron 3
Securitron 3 - Battle.png
These mighty robots were built using the pinnacle of Espresso technology. The war ended before they could be used. They've been mothballed underground since.
Glissini Caves None
235 Earth Icon - MS.png Buffalope herd
Buffalope herd - Battle.png
When buffalopes gather, the strength of their family bond makes them more powerful than any of them could be on their own.
Figurine Healing Item Icon - MS.png Green frog
243 Earth Icon - MS.png Bagagong
Bagagong - Battle.png
Ten thousand bagongs have joined together to form the mightiest bagong ever!
Figurine Head Item Icon - MS.png Crystal hat
246 Earth Icon - MS.png Stench lord
Stench lord - Battle.png
You can almost see the crippling stench wafting off of this sickening being. All it takes is a shift in the wind, and all living matter will be suffocated for miles!
Figurine Head Item Icon - MS.png Washbasin

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 土属星 Earth starsign
Flag of France.svg French Terre Earth
Flag of Germany.svg German Erd Earth
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Terra Earth
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Tierra Earth

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although similar to the stone element from Magical Vacation, earth is an entirely separate element, as they are denoted by different kanji. 石 ishi is 'stone', while 土 tsuchi is 'earth' or 'soil'.

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