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"The dark star's path is difficult. Its magic steals HP from enemies."

Dark is a magic affinity in Magical Starsign. It is a purely offensive attribute, able to negate hit points recovery with curse. When cast from the back row, dark magic and its additional effects are distributed randomly. The protagonist can be assigned the dark affinity at the beginning of the game, and Pooka possesses it naturally, gaining aura when Shadra is active at night.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Dark Icon - MS.png Shadow die 7 40 Random 3 5% chance of curse
Dark Icon - MS.png Jackpot 15 Random 4 Buffs 1 or 3 random stats
Dark Icon - MS.png Blood money 40 100 Random 3 5% chance of curse, restores 30%-80% of the caster's HP
Dark Icon - MS.png Dazzle darts 70 240 Random 10 20% chance of random debuff
Dark Icon - MS.png Zero joker 100 420 Random 6 5% chance of curse
Egg character
Name MP Strength Back row Effect
Dark Icon - MS.png Crystal egg 70 200 Fixed 50% chance to debuff a stat by 20%
Name Strength Area Effect
Dark Icon - MS.png Brutal training 1 1 ally When cast by dog trainer, buffs mummy dog's power and intelligence
Dark Icon - MS.png Eternal servant Single When cast by dog master, revives a defeated mummy dog
Dark Icon - MS.png Darkness eternal 50 Single 15% chance of curse, reduces target's MP
Dark Icon - MS.png Glamor shot 50 All Chance of curse, rearranges party formation
Dark Icon - MS.png Big crunch 100 All 25% chance to debuff spirit

Enemies[edit | edit source]

# Name Sprite Description Level Habitat Drops
152 Dark Icon - MS.png Pumpkrone
Pumpkrone - Battle.png
Pumpkrone is a happy old granny that wears a pumpkin mask, eats pumpkin for every meal, and sleeps in a wet pile of pumpkin mush.
Magic Academy (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Jasmine frog
153 Dark Icon - MS.png Sheepdevil
Sheepdevil - Battle.png
This recently resurrected beast must defeat you to earn its freedom.
Carbonara Jungle Head Item Icon - MS.png Leaf hat
154 Dark Icon - MS.png Emoterpillar
Emoterpillar - Battle.png
This beast stores pent-up rage, sorrow, anger, resentment, pity, panic, and befuddlement, and then unloads all of its emotional baggage on you in one sad burst.
Carbonara Jungle (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Lilac frog
155 Dark Icon - MS.png Ghoul dog
Ghoul dog - Battle.png
A quick knife-attacker. It raises the knife, but it's anyone's guess where it will land. Some say simply that its brain has gone rotten.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Maroon frog
156 Dark Icon - MS.png Hoody devil
Hoody devil - Battle.png
Why does he wear a mask? Is he a criminal on the the run, or is he just shy?
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Battle Item Icon - MS.png Sugarstar
157 Dark Icon - MS.png Galsium
Galsium - Battle.png
The fact that galsiums have empty heads might explain why they slash anything they see, even each other.
Capsicum Caverns Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Shadow bomb
158 Dark Icon - MS.png Dark warrior
Dark warrior - Battle.png
This martial artist is at his best in pitch dark, where he can strike you from the shadows!
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Peach frog
159 Dark Icon - MS.png Mummy dog
Mummy dog - Battle.png
Mummy dogs never get fed by their mummy masters. That might explain why they're so hungry.
Holy Water Pyramid Tail Item Icon - MS.png Decursy tail
160 Dark Icon - MS.png Mummy dog
Mummy dog 2 - Battle.png
Ancient mummy magic has summoned this bone-dry dog from the underworld. No one can escape its paws off terror.
Holy Water Pyramid Tail Item Icon - MS.png Decursy tail
161 Dark Icon - MS.png Bonebox
Bonebox - Battle.png
Life took hold in a dark coffin and shut the lid on itself. Now, only despair oozes out. And strange smells.
Holy Water Pyramid Tail Item Icon - MS.png Versatail
162 Dark Icon - MS.png Dog master
Dog master - Battle.png
A high-ranking shaman. He may be arrogant, cunning, conniving, and a puppy hater, but he's not such a bad guy.
Holy Water Pyramid Tail Item Icon - MS.png Decursy tail
163 Dark Icon - MS.png Dog trainer
Dog trainer - Battle.png
This harsh trainer knows no mercy for the weak and flabby. Drop down and give him twenty, maggot!
Holy Water Pyramid Tail Item Icon - MS.png Decursy tail
164 Dark Icon - MS.png Phantom jar
Phantom jar - Battle.png
Long ago, the phantom jar held the world's finest delicacies. Some food might make it happy.
Couscous Ruins Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Windy boots
165 Dark Icon - MS.png Meatmaul
Meatmaul - Battle.png
The meatmaul is covered with with gigantic, savory meatballs, lending it a certain freakish-yet-mouthwatering look. Sadly, it does not have a special pasta attack.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Gray frog
166 Dark Icon - MS.png Tin swordsman
Tin swordsman - Battle.png
A tin swordsman can't walk up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat, thanks to its heavy armour. That's why it's always saving for an aluminum upgrade.
Cocoabutter Valley Head Item Icon - MS.png Goblin array
167 Dark Icon - MS.png Hodmedod
Hodmedod - Battle.png
Someone threw away this doll, but she has risen. Now, she hunts the one who threw her away. If you tell her where that person is, she'll let you go...for now.
Cocoabutter Valley Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Winged boots
168 Dark Icon - MS.png Grizzly goat
Grizzly goat - Battle.png
This creature acts on instinct, answering the call of the wind at all times. That's what it wants you to think, anyway. It's really quite reserved and mild mannered.
Cocoabutter Valley Head Item Icon - MS.png Winged hat
169 Dark Icon - MS.png Meloniac
Meloniac - Battle.png
This member of the Dark Magician Tribe thrives on darkness melons. These melons turn all who eat them into ghastly horrors, which explains why this mage wears a mask.
Chromagar Cave Body Item Icon - MS.png Star robe
170 Dark Icon - MS.png Goblin dog
Goblin dog - Battle.png
This naughty dog loves pranking people. If it's ever in a fix, it just wags its tail and acts cute. Nobody can resist its charms.
Chromagar Cave Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Tech Model S
171 Dark Icon - MS.png Spearschrank
Spearschrank - Battle.png
This master of the three-pronged spear can skewer enemies and finger foods alike.
Chromagar Cave Bomb Item Icon - MS.png Shadow bomb
172 Dark Icon - MS.png Grim barber
Grim barber - Battle.png
The dreaded grim barber takes more than a little off the top.
Chromagar Cave Arms Item Icon - MS.png Winged bangle
173 Dark Icon - MS.png Reversio
Reversio 2 - Battle.png
Reversio monsters spin so fast, they can switch the alignment of the stars. Sandwich pieces of the same color to flip their color.
Chromagar Cave Tail Item Icon - MS.png Versatail
174 Dark Icon - MS.png Beelzeboar
Beelzeboar - Battle.png
This beast wields immense magical power. It holds itself up by balancing on its tail. This majestic talent impresses other monsters, so they follow it around.
Chromagar Cave Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Winged studs
175 Dark Icon - MS.png Flute devil
Flute devil - Battle.png
This wandering musician calls itself a bard. Don't try to tell it otherwise, or you'll be in for a few orchestra hits yourself.
Capsicum Caverns (Amigo Dungeon) Healing Item Icon - MS.png Silver frog
176 Dark Icon - MS.png Nightmop
Nightmop - Battle.png
The nightmop executes its dastardly, clandestine cleaning operations under the shroud of inky darkness.
Glissini Caves Tail Item Icon - MS.png Decursy tail
177 Dark Icon - MS.png Graver
Graver - Battle.png
The graver is the spirit of an evildoer who has possessed a whole grave and returned to life. It gets its kicks from freaking out people visiting the cemetery.
Glissini Caves Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Fossil charm
178 Dark Icon - MS.png Armagel
Armagel - Battle.png
This mysterious enigma has been revived to serve eternally as a soldier. Somehow, he lost the lower half of his body in the process. His only dream? To run again.
Glissini Caves Arms Item Icon - MS.png Space ring
190 Dark Icon - MS.png Chard
Chard - Battle.png
The leader of the pirate otters suffers from a superiority complex, which isn't helped by his mastery of dark magic. He fought Miss Madeleine at some point...
Great Dragon Road Head Item Icon - MS.png Sage hat
196 Dark Icon - MS.png Chard
Chard - Battle.png
The leader of the pirate otters suffers from delusions of grandeur. He claims he held his punches last time. This time, he means business!
Nata de Coco Door Arms Item Icon - MS.png Sage band
197 Dark Icon - MS.png Pooka
Pooka - Battle.png
This mysterious enigma is more of a grunt, possessing powerful attacks and empty, terrifying eyes.
World Seam None
202 Dark Icon - MS.png Dab hasnel
Dab hasnel (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
This swift enigma is battle-ready and deadly, possessing a hard outer shell and agile limbs. It relies on its natural springiness to attack its foes.
Capsicum Caverns
Cocoabutter Valley
206 Dark Icon - MS.png Gummy girl
Gummy girl - Battle.png
This mysterious girl has been gummified. Nobody knows who she is, but she had a very mysterious item with her. What will happen if you stop to use it?
Kahve Ruins Accessory Item Icon - MS.png Sage string
216 Dark Icon - MS.png Cybersaurus
Cybersaurus - Battle.png
Once, this creature wandered freely, terrorizing the locals as it pleased. The Space Police captured it and brought it under their control with cybernetic parts.
Jalapeno Wasteland
Sugarleaf Plains West
Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Manic shoes
218 Dark Icon - MS.png Fowler
Fowler - Battle.png
Chief fighting instructor for the Space Police and a (mostly) unparalleled martial artist, Biek Fowler's slightly sleazy style has bested many a lawbreaker.
Starway Shoe Item Icon - MS.png Hill boots
219 Dark Icon - MS.png Equillekrew
Equillekrew (Magical Starsign) - Battle.png
On top of being a powerful conjurer, the equillekrew is also quite the smooth talker, leaving many an adventurer with a broken heart.
Cocoabutter Valley None
220 Dark Icon - MS.png Chard
Chard - Battle.png
You've beaten him twice, but now the dark planet is feeding his power. Is this the last stand of a man obsessed with the dark teachings of Master Kale?
Cocoabutter Valley None
222 Light Icon - MS.png Dark Icon - MS.png Kale
Kale - Battle.png
This former Will-o'-Wisp Academy student manipulated the Space Police and led them on a mad crusade against magicians. He possesses vast knowledge.
Chromagar Cave None
223 Light Icon - MS.png Dark Icon - MS.png Gummy giant
Gummy giant - Battle.png
Fueled by the power of Kale's sinister magic, this creature has no mind of its own. It simply carries out any order it receives, no matter how cruel.
Chromagar Cave None
228 Light Icon - MS.png Dark Icon - MS.png Umbra
Umbra - Battle.png
Shadra, grown to massive dimensions after devouring powerful millennium gummies, has shed its old husk and risen in this new and awe-inspiring body.
Glissini Caves None
236 Dark Icon - MS.png Bone warrior
Bone warrior - Battle.png
This fossilized warrior may have creaky joints, and the entire lower half of his body may be crumbling away. But he still stands tall, mostly out of pride and spite.
Figurine None
241 Dark Icon - MS.png Witch waif
Witch waif - Battle.png
The witch waif will capture your heart and haunt your dreams. Or it may haunt your heart and capture your dreams.
Figurine None
244 Dark Icon - MS.png Fallen devil
Fallen devil - Battle.png
This devil once streaked across the sky in flaming glory. Now that it has lost its evil, batlike wings, it yearns to fly again.
Figurine None
250 Dark Icon - MS.png Seeker
Seeker - Battle.png
This grandmaster swordsman won't settle for anything less than slaying his opponent with a single slash. Anything more would be uncivilized.
Figurine None
252 Dark Icon - MS.png Zaphropeak
Zaphropeak - Battle.png
The zaphropeak coasts through life, never stopping to consider what (or who) it has eaten.
Figurine None
253 Dark Icon - MS.png Pig hasnel
Pig hasnel - Battle.png
This well-fortified enigma's bright red shell can shrug off any blow. It's a truly gnarly foe, even without the bomb shelter on its back.
Figurine None
254 Dark Icon - MS.png Zodalkrew
Zodalkrew - Battle.png
Boasting a monstrous intellect, this weird enigma can control the minds of others like puppets. Sometimes, it'll even put on a puppet show for its own amusement.
Figurine None

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 闇属星 Darkness starsign
Flag of France.svg French Nuit Night
Flag of Germany.svg German Dunkelheit Darkness
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Buio Dark
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Oscuridad Darkness

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The main dark spells are all based on gambling and casino games, hence its luck-based gameplay.
  • Dark surmounts all other affinities for:
    • Having the highest MP-consuming (100 MP) and highest base strength (420 strength) spell, zero joker.
    • Having the most enemy types (46 enemies).
    • Having the most enemy-exclusive spells (5 spells).
  • When assigning the protagonist's starsign in Japanese, the description for dark states, "勇気と探究心を示す星 HP吸収魔法を使える 上級者むけ" (A star that signifies courage and inquiry. Can cast HP absorption magic. Intended for experts.).

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