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This event is hosted from September 23 - October 1.

Cross-Wiki Week is an annual wiki-editing event hosted by the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance to encourage collaborative editing across its member sites. It begins on Nintendo's date of founding, September 23. Selected participants are rewarded with prizes, typically Nintendo eShop gift cards.

Editing[edit source]

To be eligible to edit for Cross-Wiki Week on Kovopedia, make sure you have created an account. Edits should be made according to our Manual of Style, and should have #cww placed in their edit summaries in order to be counted for Cross-Wiki Week participation.

While there are a variety of tasks that need to be completed by editors, the current tasks are primarily geared towards dedicated fans of the series, such as creating the item lists and reorganizing pages to bring them into parity between the two games. Of course, we have no reservation to grammar and formatting fixes where outside editors may feel is appropriate, and our list of maintenance tracking categories can be found at the Community Portal.