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"The impetuous and willful Chai is an odd salamander who draws upon the magical power of the forest."

Chai is a party member in Magical Starsign. He is a young mage of the salamander race who commands wood magic and attends Will-o'-Wisp Academy. He and Pico are best friends.

Party member[edit | edit source]

Chai is first present as a member of the party in the game's tutorial sequence at Will-o'-Wisp Academy. He is later recruited as a permanent party member after Mugwort is defeated on Puffoon. His initial level is 10.

His starsign is wood, receiving aura when Gren is in alignment. His spells are primarily geared towards stat boosting, and his offensive spells have a chance to inflict thorny on enemies.[1]

Level 1 stats[edit | edit source]

Magical Starsign - HP Symbol.png Magical Starsign - MP Symbol.png Magical Starsign - MP% Symbol.png MP% Magical Starsign - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Starsign - Intelligence Symbol.png IQ Magical Starsign - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Starsign - Spirit Symbol.png Spr Magical Starsign - Agility Symbol.png Agi
180 17 9% 3 3 4 5 5

Level 10 stats[edit | edit source]

Magical Starsign - HP Symbol.png Magical Starsign - MP Symbol.png Magical Starsign - MP% Symbol.png MP% Magical Starsign - Power Symbol.png Pow Magical Starsign - Intelligence Symbol.png IQ Magical Starsign - Defense Symbol.png Def Magical Starsign - Spirit Symbol.png Spr Magical Starsign - Agility Symbol.png Agi
333 41 9% 8 9 9 13 13

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Spells Skills
Level 1 Level 14 Level 24 Level 35 Level 46 Skill Icon - MS.png Tail swipe
Skill Icon - MS.png Guard
Skill Icon - MS.png Move
Skill Icon - MS.png Flee
Wood Icon - MS.png Pepperthorn Wood Icon - MS.png Minty freshness Wood Icon - MS.png Briar patch Wood Icon - MS.png Parsley wall Wood Icon - MS.png Cactus crush

Profile[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Chai is sensitive, but has a high mental capacity regarding stress. He is often first to project his feelings about a subject, and is very expressive. Even with these traits, it is said that Chai is very timid and quiet most of the time. Though he is often ostracized by his own kind for his magic powers, he is very open towards the subject. Pico also describes him as "such a chill little salamander" at one point in the game. When changing his name, Chai is described as shy and kind, as well as highly unusual for his kind. In the Japanese version, he has a habit of ending sentences with ノ no.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chai is a green salamander. On his head, he has yellow lightning-bolt shaped markings that trail down to his face, blue eyes, and red hair that appears in tufts on his cheeks and in a fluffy ponytail atop his head. He wears golden rings on his neck that match the golden hair tie on his head. The only garments he wears are blue boots with white and red geometric accents, and a golden belt with red jewels. On the belt are also white strips of cloth that appear to have been sewn on, and have blue and red arrows embroidered onto them.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Chai was born as the only son of a salamander family who lived near the academy. Like all salamanders, his parents could not use magic, but they soon learned that Chai was a rare exception. His ability to cast magic made him an outcast amongst other salamanders.

Magical Starsign[edit | edit source]

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The students eavesdropping on Biscotti and Madeleine's conversation.

Chai and his five classmates learned of Miss Madeleine's orders to fly to Puffoon, wherein she would face a rogue magician named Kale and his astro pirates. Madeleine later took them to the academy's meditation room, and Chai assisted the protagonist in learning the basics of rows in combat. Once the lesson was over, Chai eagerly asked Madeleine if the students would be going to space as well, to which she said no, but admitted to having an odd foreshadowy feeling.

It was not until three months later when the students grew concerned, as Madeleine had not contacted Kovomaka following her voyage to Puffoon. When Lassi suddenly went missing, their curiosity led them up the academy's clocktower and into a hangar crowded with rockets. One of these rockets was being operated by Lassi, who carelessly activated it and blasted off into space. The protagonist boarded one as well in an attempt to chase after Lassi, resulting in the two of them crash landing on Erd.

After the protagonist and Lassi escaped from Erd, and subsequently reunited with Mokka on Cassia, they were given the option of either flying to Puffoon or Gren. Upon landing on Puffoon, they berthed their magic rocket in the planet's spaceport, and to their surprise, a Will-o'-Wisp rocket was parked there too. They entered the city of Bena Rikashi to file a Missing Persons report to the Space Police, believing it would bring them one step closer to saving Madeleine. However, they passed by each desk in the Space Police HQ to no avail, that was until they reached the top floor where the chief's office was located. After retrieving toilet paper for the stand-in chief Mugwort, he too rejected their pleas. Unbeknownst to them, Chai was hiding in the bathroom stall next to Mugwort's.

With the Space Police no longer being of use to the party, they left the HQ building and bumped into a felin named Parfait, who correctly assumed that they attended Will-o'-Wisp. She invited them over to "her house" on the city's outskirts, where she asked them to help her find a special book. This book turned out to be the Book of the Darned. Parfait hastily took the book and alluded to her possible familiarity of Madeleine and Kale, but when the students tried to follow her, they were instead confronted by a Space Police officer. It turned out Parfait had duped them, and "her house" was actually Kale's laboratory. Suddenly, the officer received a call about a salamander escaping custody, which he urgently responded to. Down the street was none other than Chai, who anxiously warned his friends that the Space Police were pursuing them. Before he could say anything else, two officers chased him out of the city and into Quinoa Plain. The students left the city as well and encountered Brioche the rabbit. Brioche invited them to meet up with Chai in the village of Honey Mint, revealing that he had run off with secret police documents.

Battling Mugwort in Honey Mint.

The students finally reunited in Honey Mint with Brioche, who was accompanied by his father Cresson. Lassi took a peek at the documents that Chai stole, which was actually a list of magicians kidnapped by the astro pirates. They read further down to see Madeleine's name, with the arresting officer being cited as the Space Police's fighting instructor Biek Fowler. Brioche advised the students ask Twigadamus for help, but before they could do so, Mugwort flew in alongside Brie Pourri, the true Space Police chief. Pourri ordered Mugwort to deal with the students as she flew back to the HQ building with Chai in her grasp.

The Will-o'-Wisp group, sans Chai, won against Mugwort, only to be scolded for assaulting an officer. In a last-minute effort to get Mugwort off their backs, Cresson offered Brioche's piggy bank of two million bira as compensation. The bribe surprisingly worked, to the dismay of Brioche, and the stand-in police chief sailed back to Bena Rikashi. As Brioche sobbed at the loss of his hard-earned money, he was consulted by Twigadamus, who arrived to tell him that his dreams were destined to come true. The students talked to Twigadamus, who seemed familiar with Madeleine, and let them gaze into the magic crystal at his house. Presented to them was a brief vision of the Space Police HQ and a treasure chest.

After pushing the chest off a floating island, the party obtained a magical item called the tempus forget. They returned to Bena Rikashi and unleashed the tempus forget in the Space Police HQ, allowing them to sneak past the officers to Pourri's desk. Next to her was a treasure box containing Chai, and upon his release, he alleged that the pirates were gathering magicians from Gren and sending them off to Razen. As Chai joined the party, they boarded Neumann and flew off to Gren.

Return to Kovomaka[edit | edit source]

When he returned to Kovomaka, Chai studied further in the hopes of improving his skill in magic. However, he grew bored with studying roughly a decade later, and chose to sneak into a storage locker near the fuel tank in Mokka, who had been converted to a rocket by Lassi, prior to his launch into deep space.[1]

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

His name comes from चाय chaay (chai), meaning "tea" in Hindi.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese チャイ Chai
Flag of France.svg French Chai From his Japanese name
Flag of Germany.svg German Chai From his Japanese name
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Chai From his Japanese name
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Chai From his Japanese name

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chai is the only party member in Magical Starsign whose name was not changed between Japanese and overseas versions.
  • Chai is known to dislike loud noises. It is also implied that he gets motion sick easily.
  • Despite being described as timid, he is shown to be very expressive and even quick tempered at times, getting especially defensive about his magic, going as far as to threaten another salamander for calling him a freak of nature.
  • Chai is shown in-game to be the most empathetic, he is seen giving advice and even tries to defuse an argument between Sorbet and Pico.

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