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Cassia, known in Japan as Rigu Maha,[a] is the planet of water in Magical Starsign, situated on the fourth-furthest orbital ring of the Baklava solar system. The planet's landmass is made up of two large islands that rest on a tranquil ocean, both of which have thousands of years worth of history.

Orbit[edit | edit source]

When Cassia enters its field of alignment, users of water magic enter their aura state. It takes Cassia 90 minutes to make a full revolution around the sun, and it stays in its field of alignment for 18 minutes.[1]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Towns[edit | edit source]

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

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Arrival on Cassia[edit | edit source]

After stealing Neumann from the robots of Kahve Ruins, the protagonist and Lassi land on Cassia, finding themselves trudging through its frigid waters. Lassi expresses frustration that they have once again landed on a planet other than Puffoon, but they have no control over the rocket and therefore no choice but to at least have a look through Cassia to see what it has to offer.

A "warm" welcome to Cassia.

Upon getting out of the rocket, the duo discovers that their rocket has landed in water without any way to head to the shore. Luckily, Lassi uses her Wild Magic to form a path out of ice chunks, connecting Neumann to a nearby shore. There is an NPC otter the player can speak to, that remarks that Cassia was a water planet, but "is more of an ice planet now". The duo pushes onward, and discovers this is very true. Frozen frogs, a chest, and an HP pot all appear littered about the beach. When interacted with, a text box appears saying that it is frozen solid.

The two continue, and discover a rocket crashed onto the beach that looks just like one of the ones from the academy. This rocket can also be used to heal, much like Lassi's rocket was. Eventually, the two come to the gates of Pescato, where they discover the body of their classmate, Mokka. They attempt to wake him, but see that his head is missing. Horrified, but having no idea what to do, the two eventually go to Pescato.

The Hermit lab[edit | edit source]

Here, the player meets Detective Beignet, who is a member of the Space Police. He has been stationed on Cassia to investigate pirate affairs, but he doesn't give the player too much information as he's currently busy dealing with two otters. The otters, when talked to, state that a lot of things have been going missing around the town, and they believe it to be the Hermit lab's responsibility.

File:Mokka body.png
Lassi discovering Mokka's body.

The player can head south to find the Dwarves' house, and when talked to, they mention they are looking for their brother who seems to be surprised that Neumann showed up suddenly. Upon the player's return to Pescato, one of the otters named Mick expresses frustration with Beignet's negligence in the case, and returns to his home. One of the other otters outside of his house expresses her envy over Mick's furnace. Curious, the player barges into Mick's house and discovers that the battery powering it is Mokka's head. After some negotiation, Mick offers the battery if they can get his toolbox key from the Hermit lab.

The Hermit lab using Magic

After leaving Pescato in pursuit of the Hermit lab, they are followed by two otters who want to try and take the Lab down. There's also an NPC in this area, named Caldarroste, who warns the player that the Hermit lab is in command of a powerful ice demon. When the player finds the Hermit lab, this seems to be true as the Lab uses ice magic to freeze the otters. They don't relent, and attack the dog, only to discover that there is a creepy creature looming above them. This scares the otters, and Lassi at first. However, it's just a tree, as found out when Lassi uses her wind magic. Caldarroste also witnesses this, and runs offscreen after the winds clear. The player then fights the Hermit lab. When the battle is won, the dog drops three signs expressing defeat and remorse for its actions, along with a chest that contains the toolbox key and the stolen goods.

Reunion with Mokka[edit | edit source]

Mokka rebooting

The duo returns to Pescato and gives Mick the key and the items back, and in return they receive Mokka's head as promised. The player then returns to the gates of Pescato, where they put the head back on their companion and have a tearful reunion. He expresses confusion as to how they got there, asking if they crashed a two-seater rocket on the beach. The two take him back to Neumann, where he suggests they name it "Hyper Megarocket 500" or HMR for short. This suggestion is shot down by Lassi, who teases him about not being able to name things well.

Mokka then takes a look at the inside of the rocket and notices how it is a "travesty of engineering", as they can't navigate to any of the planets. Lassi suggests they ask the dwarves in town about potentially upgrading the rocket, which Mokka agrees. After leaving the ship, Mokka officially joins the party.

When headed back to the beach, Mokka remembers that he left some Rubber Boots in his rocket.

A Hot Tip[edit | edit source]

The newly formed trio returns to Pescato once more, but not before being stopped by Caldarroste. He asks the player if they're a magician, to which Lassi expresses that he seems shady and they shouldn't trust them. Regardless, he continues and informs the player of the issues the villagers have been having with a band of pirates. He also mentions that they've "turned the planet into a great, big freeziepop" -- something which the villagers originally thought the Hermit lab was responsible for. He then tips the player off to where the pirates are located, in the Dragon God Cave. He tells the player that if they can smash the freezing machine they have there, the untimely winter would finally end and the otters would be thankful.

Obtaining the Long Johns

When the player checks on the dwarves once more, one of them will mention they could upgrade the rocket if they happen to stumble upon a Mystic Mouse. If they head north of the village, an otter named Tony stops them and gives them a pair of rubber boots. If the player leaves the village entirely to try and explore the northern beaches, they'll be stopped by another otter named Malcom who asks if they're going to take out the pirates. If the answer is yes, he'll tell the player to quickly return to his house for a moment.

Mokka expressing his dismay that the cave opening wasn't as cool as he'd thought it would be.

The player does so, and discovers that Malcom and another otter named Angus are the owners of the Hermit lab. Angus thanks them for showing everyone that the dog wasn't responsible for the ice, and gives them the Long Johns. He tells the player to wear them while they storm the pirate hideout, and that they're a symbol of the bond between the brothers. The trio can then return to Malcom, who expresses joy that they're wearing them, and that whoever does so serves the Dragon God. He then escorts them to the Dragon God Cave, making little remarks about the Fire Otter along the way.

Unfortunately, the entrance to the Dragon God Cave is stuck. This is no problem for Mokka, though, as he is able to shake the door open with his magic. Or so he thought.. instead, the dragon simply loses a tooth that he kicks away. He seems disappointed, but they can still enter the cave nonetheless.

The Great Dragon Road[edit | edit source]

The trio enters the Dragon God Cave - now called The Great Dragon Road on the map - and proceeds to explore the inside. Here, they encounter a multitude of enemies including quite a few Pirate otters, all of which have snide remarks to say before challenging the team to a fight.

One of the pirate otters.

Eventually, they come to the end of the road. The ship of the pirates is now visible in the water, so they know they must be getting close. The two Long John Brothers, Angus and Malcom, show up again with an HP pot and an MP pot to help the player out before they go into the final area.

The player and company enter the cave, and discover that the pirates are almost done freezing Cassia solid with the massive machine that's in the room. The three otters take notice of their new company, and challenge them to a fight. After their defeat, someone appears ontop of the machine and expresses interest in their power. He jumps down and challenges them to a fight, revealing himself to be Master Chard, leader of the pirates and a wizard of dark magic.

File:Gif 6.gif
Chard's grand entrance.

Eventually he goes down, but not without a tough fight. The pirates, baffled at the fact that wizards this powerful still exist, break their character for a second. Chard then expresses that Caldarroste brought them to him as a gift. On cue, Caldarroste shows up and asks to be made a pirate, but is ignored as Chard collapses from the intensity of the fight. He mentions that he hasn't recovered from his duel with Madeleine, and orders the men to finally finish the job of freezing the planet and move out of Cassia. He then leaves, and the pirates diss Caldarroste, denying him of the opportunity to become a proper pirate. After that, the otters make haste, leaving the trio and a now-crestfallen Caldarroste there.

The ice machine starts to go haywire in an attempt to permanently freeze Cassia. Lassi panics, and Mokka assures them he has the situation under control. He approaches the computer, sighing about how the robot has to do all the work, and begins trying to shut down the machine. After several failed attempts, he gives up and charges into the machine, noticeably breaking it as something small flies out of it. The player can pick this up, and it's revealed to be the Mystic Mouse.

The machine then starts purging massive jets of ice, but eventually it explodes and shuts down for good. Cassia then immediately thaws out, and the pirates are seen leaving the planet as everything reverts to normal. Caught in the explosion, the players end up on the beach, and are discovered by Detective Beignet.

End of the Pirate Reign[edit | edit source]

Beignet rescuing the player.

Now that Cassia has warmed up, the villagers are in much higher spirits, and many of them meet the player in Pescato to thank them.

Beignet lies about trying to step in, and is called out by Mokka. He assures them that the Space Police has the pirates under control, though, and was just trying to do what he could since a lot of wizards have been kidnapped by them. Lassi expresses interest, and brings up Madeleine's disappearance. Upon explaining the situation to Beignet, he implies that she has most likely gone missing, but reassures them to not give up hope. He makes the suggestion of visiting the Space Police HQ on Puffoon, and assures them that they'll send a force to Gren to bring the pirates to justice.

File:Rocket Upgrade 1.gif
The dwarves working to upgrade the rocket.

One of the Otters also mentions to the team that the dwarves wanted to talk to them, presumably about upgrading Neumann. Before seeing them, the player can talk to another one of the otters to have the option of receiving a pair of Holey Socks or an Old Sweater. The player can then talk to one of the dwarves, named Bechamel, on the beach to upgrade Neumann.

After the rocket upgrade, the player can go to Gren and Puffoon. Bechamel mentions that Razen is a no-go, as they'll need something else to go there. Otherwise, their ship would burn up in the atmosphere.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its name comes from 'cinnamomum cassia', a type of Chinese evergreen tree with aromatic bark that is used to make spices.
  • Its Japanese name, Rigu Maha, comes from 蛤 hamaguri, meaning 'clam'.
  • Cassia has two overworld themes: one for when it is frozen, and other for when it is thawed.
  • There is an exploding gummy frog in the Frog Pot area.
  • When the planet is frozen, a Pescato villager can make a snow cone. The protagonist gets brain freeze from eating it.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Japanese: 水の星・リグ・マハ, Hepburn: Mizu no Hoshi・Rigu Maha

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