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This article is partially or fully comprised of content from Magical Vacation. Due to the fact that there is no official English translation of this game, the translations are instead derived from magicalpatcher's English patch, found here at Please keep in mind that these translations may or may not be accurate to the original Japanese version of the game.

Aquarim Language[a] is a fictional language in the Magical Vacation series. It is commonly spoken by water people and those who have connections to the Water Realm, such as the Lakeside family.

Rules[edit | edit source]

In Japanese, Aquarim is scrambled hiragana and katakana characters. When arranged and written in their proper scripts, they form actual sentences, but are nothing like what Blueberry translates them as. All sentences in Aquarim end with a bubble popping sound, プク puku.

Deciphered sentences[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of water peoples' dialogue, the sentences they form when unscrambled, their meaning in English, and Blueberry's translation.

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May Village[edit | edit source]

Original Unscrambled Blueberry
「ジんが カいナー おカ ずぐグ ずスな るー プク。 [TBA] "Some people supposedly get reborn as stars after they die. By owning a light veil, you can pretend to be a star and enter Star Cavern Arko."
「チやラは ゲぽてっク らベレばラ はンげボけ プク。 [TBA] "She says within Star Cavern Arko, the Grand Dark Spirit Blackcurrant possesses the dark veil."
「ぱパプぷ はガペ へけケの ふッケろケ プク。 [TBA] "She claims there's a gigantic enigma heading for the magic shrine of revival... That's why they won't go beyond here."
「ミょムん きンホぼ フん ヨんむ どキジゅ プク。 [TBA] "Magic dolls aren't allowed in the final cavern for revival... What does she mean by this...?"
「ニャか ムリゃ クんおヒゃ ヲク ヒぇひャマ ひェ プク。 [TBA] "She says the deceased pass through the Abyssal Corridor to the magic shrine of revival. Only wielders of a dark veil may enter the Abyssal Corridor."
「エげヴぁ イこンだ エかテ たキう ラんト るマ プク。 [TBA] "She was in the Light Realm just a few days ago. She claims to have come here to be born anew."

Abyssal Corridor[edit | edit source]

Original Unscrambled Blueberry
「こガハペけ へぺけのペ すしぺ さバめケ プク。 [TBA] "She says we must catch the three Frogs of Fate. The three Frogs of Fate are apparently unlike other frogs."
「タらナいマ ハにハにゼ ぎガんカ ぬケけル プク。 [TBA] "The Frogs of Fate appear sequentially in the order green, blue, red. Once they're caught, the sealed corridor will open."
「なダナ んダ ギぶン ナだナ だンだ んー プク。 [TBA] "She says the frogs here are the ghosts of the frogs we caught, not including the Frogs of Fate."

Garam Masala[edit | edit source]

Original Unscrambled Blueberry
「けズしサ がダ カのレ キいト をサめルせ プク。 静けさがれかの域を止めさせる
Tranquility leaves you breathless.
"She says she wants to make an appearance in the sequel. I'm not sure what she means by that."
「コほたり キかオた チとハこ ミなハを ズらタしタ プク。 誇り高き男たちはみな鼻水をたらした
All the boastful men had drippy noses.
"She says long ago, she went to a chilly place and froze up."
「ニいマこコ いコん ブのダいツ マたヤるドしィー プク。 今ここにコインの大仏宿る魂
Here and now, the coin in which the Buddha's soul dwells.
"She says she used to be one with the ocean."
「ダたカ まケわルだ ケのナつ タっひ タとり デ プク。 ただ駆け回るだけの夏たった一人で
Just running throughout the summer by myself.
"She says she wants to go inside a capsule. What will you do once you're inside?"
「コせネを テおッチ マをテで タずマみリニ ワるス プク。 子猫を背負って町を出て水たまりに座る
I leave town with a kitty aboard my back, then sit in a puddle.
"She's having trouble understanding why we say 'break a leg' to mean 'good luck'. Is that really something worth worrying about?"
「ハれオ カたイた ヲすタれワ サちイィーヤ なリカ プク。 俺は戦いを忘れた小さいカナリヤ
I'm a little canary who forgot the fight.
"She say she wants a big cookbook."
「ダろドけノら ミをキ キるダしメ くボ プク。 泥だらけの君を抱きしめる僕
Embrace me covered in mud.
"She's asking what language 'lobe' in 'earlobe' comes from. I don't know how to answer her question of what language it's from."
「マあニまリのイてキぃ マあニまリのシでンくィ プク。 ありのままに生きて、ありのままに死んでいく
Live as you are, die as you are.
"She's thanking us for coming all this way. That got a chuckle out of me."
「ほキうノ にっタ バおンさーモ シかムか ワはカいッた プク。 ほうきにのったおばあさんも昔は可愛かった
Grannies who rode broomsticks were cute back in the day.
"She says some of the shadows here aren't frog mimicks."
「ゲゆマがー ナがつテもッて ジゃイなイぃー プク。 眉毛が繋がっててもいいじゃない
It doesn't matter if you have a unibrow.
"She says a hole in the wall and a donut are indistinguishable, so long as you look at them from close up. What's her point?"
「セこカのイ ホがトん ナらウ ダぼケくガ のソまウま プク。 この世界が本当なら僕だけがうそのまま
If the world is real, then only I am fake.
"She says she wants to be a card. I'm not sure how to respond."
「けレぽ ケっポ ハケれポ コけッぽ ホんゲ プク。 [TBA] [TBA]
「アおサ カのン テじん ガしゃ ニぞヌ すクれマたシま プク。 お母さんの自転車が賊に盗まれました
Mom's bicycle was stolen by a thief.
[Flavorful] "She says by uncovering frogs that mimic monsters...Porcelain Pots will ask for less frogs. Green frogs are two less, blue frogs are one."
[Spicy] "She says by uncovering frogs that mimic monsters...Porcelain Pots will ask for less frogs. Green frogs are one less, but blue frogs don't lower it."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Japanese: アクエリム語, Hepburn: Akuerimu-go

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